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Thursday , 18 July 2013
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USA vs. Canada, International Soccer Came to H-Town.

By Maxwell Morgan The US Men’s Soccer team came to H-Town Tuesday to kick off their centennial celebrations at BBVA Compass Stadium (home of the Dynamo and newest soccer specific stadium in the US). They played an international friendly against our northern neighbors, Canada, to get a warm up for those not currently playing overseas before they head to Honduras next week to undertake World Cup Qualifying. Unfortunately for the 11,737 people in attendance, it was an atrocious game with very little action in and around the goals, as the game played out to a 0-0 draw. So I suppose ... Read More »

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The Weekly Music Round Up!

Inspiring artwork by Blake Jones   The Weekly Music Round Up: Jan 31st- Feb 7th There are so many things going on in Houston, but we are going to try something new this time. Instead of trying to fit every single event on here (as much as we want to), we are going to try and cover a wider spectrum of musical happenings, in a smaller round up. January 31: So many things happening tonight, it was almost impossible to pick, so we have a tie for our choices: DJ Mark Lee (Khruangbin) and Kristine Mills Why: With so many DJ’s ... Read More »

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West of Memphis

A gross miscarriage of justice is rectified in West of Memphis. This absorbing documentary will drain you with its exactitude but never leave you feeling empty. WOM will be of interest to anyone who likes comprehensive docs as well as supporters of the West Memphis Three. Additionally the film should become a textbook example for law students wanting to understand the legal process as it related to life sentences, death sentences, and Alford Pleas. As helmed by Amy Berg WOM gives the audience an exhaustive overview of the case from the origin when three youths – Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols, ... Read More »

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Warm Bodies Director: Jonathan Levine

Warm Bodies offers a take on a zombie tale that is at once gentle and kind. At first that would seem a direct contradiction to the actual genre convention but yet Warm Bodies under the direction of Jonathan Levine treats the story like a morality tale, which allows the jettison of R-rated gore for a more sophisticated kind of PG-13 romance. In Warm Bodies the zombies are actually conflicted about eating brains and when lead zombie R (Nicholas Hoult, that’s the sound he makes) sees Julie (Teresa Palmer) it stirs a bit of life back into his heart. “It’s a ... Read More »

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Local “Thrash-Grass” Band, Days N’ Daze, Unites the Community

  “They smashed out the lanterns and burned down the barns…” Goofy and morbid “thrash-grass” is one way to describe Days N’ Daze, a local Houston band holding a record release show on Saturday, February 2 at Ballistics Skate House featuring eight bands and one poet. A table will also be set up for individuals to stop by and learn more about Houston Free Thinkers. Some of the performances to anticipate in addition to Days N’ Daze include: Dead Rabbits, Always Guilty, Alimanas and Lion Among Men. Look forward to side projects of Days N’ Daze Decathect, an electric  by ... Read More »

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LCB Army Invades Houston

“I’m addicted to Oi!” Bones cries out to the crowd with sweat pouring down his face. The crowd ignites and the floor begins to move. Described as “insane punk rock n’ roll and a pit of unbridaled chaos,” Lower Class Brats, an underground street punk rock band from Austin, will be performing live this Friday, February 1 at Fitzgerald‘s with Negative Approach and Power Trip. “We sing about unity, disenfranchised youth, and just plain ol’ having a good time,” said Bones, the vocals of the group. With songs like, “Ultra-Violence,” “Just Like Clockwork,” “New Seditionaries,”and “Rather Be Hated Than Ignored,” ... Read More »

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New City Parking Ordinance to “Turn Montrose into a Parking Lot”

Houston is a city defined by a lack of zoning. While the majority of US cities plan which areas they want designated for shopping centers, businesses, bars or residences, Houston isn’t tied down by that invisible government map. That lone bar down the street from your house, the adult video store next to your church, the scattered clusters of skyscrapers , all these phenomena are gifts of Houston’s non-zoning approach to city planning. The parking problem, largely created by the lack of zoning laws, has ironically prompted the city to pass parking ordinances. These ordinances have the potential to become ... Read More »

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Off The Grid

Maybe you drive to Austin a few times a month, or maybe every once and a while, like the upcoming SXSW in March. The road most traveled takes you down Interstate 10 with a northwest turn onto State Highway 71. On a recent cruise to Austin this route was ablaze with newly painted signs and stores, as if to say Stop Here. No sooner had I taken the 71 turnoff outside of Columbus, and crossed the Colorado River, I noticed a series of signs that stretched for about 100-yards. Approximately seven or eight miles past I-10 the signs were advertising ... Read More »

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I would hesitate to call Parker an instant classic but it certainly appears to be cut from the same bolt of cloth as another movie that contains the same character, 1967’s Point Blank. The latter film starred Lee Marvin as a no-nonsense criminal based on a series of crime novels by Donald Westlake writing under the pseudonym of Richard Stark. There was also a version of this character and book made with Mel Gibson in 1999 (Payback). Parker stars Jason Statham and this should become a signature role for the British action actor. I’m not especially enamored when Statham turns ... Read More »

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The Duplicity of Fluoride Revealed

“We aren’t going away and we want to make sure the mayor knows it.” -Derrick Broze, Fluoride Free Houston In an effort to move away from the preconceived ideas and conspiracy theories associated with fluoridation of the water system, Fluoride Free Houston is inviting the community out for a potluck and a screening of the documentary “The Fluoride Deception” by author Christopher Bryson at The Real School Friday February 1 at 7:00 p.m. Just under a year ago, Derrick Broze and other activist members of the Houston Free Thinkers and Occupy Houston formed FFH to specialize in educating the public ... Read More »

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