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Saturday , August 17 2013
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Ray Winstone on The Sweeney

Ray Winstone comes full circle in his prolific acting career as the lead in the British police actioner The Sweeney. The title itself is cockney rhyming slang and takes off on the name of an elite police squadron that investigates violent crime, The Flying Squad. Get it, Flying Squad, Sweeney Todd. “We’re the Sweeney, shithead. You’re nicked,” Winstone tells one ... Read More »

The Weekly Music Round Up: March 1st-7th, 2013

Weekly Round Up for March 1st- 7th The Free Press Pick of the Week!    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at the House of Blues, March 7th! If you’ve never heard of Bone Thugs N-Harmony, you’ve missed out on some melodic and often challenging, excellent rap. You can make up for those many lost years and catch the boys doing what they do ... Read More »

Doomsday Wrestling Presents: TEXtravaganza!

For a decade now, our world has been saved countless times by a group of heroes. They’ve saved us from economic collapse, malicious sentient computers, gigantic armadillos, and they have even protected us from themselves. Most of us were born without super powers. Not all of us, but most of us. Maybe that elusiveness would explain our fascination with super ... Read More »


You’ve probably been anticipating the lineup release for FPSF 2013 since June 4th of last year. Wishing. Hoping. One or two of you have probably even crossed various body parts in secular prayer, pleading to the music goddesses for the chance to see your favorite band perform live in Houston during FPSF. We know that feel, y’all and we’re happy ... Read More »

Blu-ray slight return: Tinted edition

I started watching films when I was like 10-hours old, so at this point it’s pretty easy to recognize the difference between quality and mere entertainment. Imagine yourself some kind of Northwest Texas Yeti confined by record snowfall into your lair cuddled up with a few Blu-rays and DVDs. Lay the Favorite (Anchor Bay, 3/5) and Freaky Deaky (Entertainment One, ... Read More »

Interview with Emily in Athens About the Protest Movement

What kinds of protests have you been to? The most common formula for either night-time or day-time marches is that by the time they get to the parliament, it’s only a matter of time before they get tear gassed and broken up by riot police. (All the marches I’ve been to have been in the center of Athens, though they ... Read More »

Picasso: B&W

Anybody who considers him or herself an artist, in any discipline, should be aware of Picasso and his art. Whether you like it or not (And how could you not?) the Spanish painter/sculptor/ceramist/designer’s work is at the core of understanding the shape of things that define our world. Picasso: Black and White features over 100 works that cover Picasso’s career ... Read More »

Edna St. Vincet Millay

One hundred and twenty years ago on February 22nd, 1892, the poetess who wrote the famous lines, “My candle is burning at both ends/It will not last the night;/ But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-/It gives a lovely light” was born in Rockland, Maine. Edna St. Vincet Millay is one of the most celebrated American poets of the ... Read More »

Rothko Chapel Meditation Series

With all the stress of daily life in the city, it helps to take a moment or two to sit still and breathe. At the beginning of March, the community will draw together for an opportunity to relax and reflect with The Rothko Chapel’s 12 Moments of Spirituality and Healing. The Rothko Chapel is described by Michelle Ashton, Public Programs ... Read More »

Roman Coppola on the Movies

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III has already divided audiences between those who enjoy its obvious Brechtian qualities and those who don’t want movies to have too much fun. “We did have a lot of fun,” says writer/director Roman Coppola in a phone interview with Free Press Houston. “While writing it I always had a sense of ... Read More »

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