Michael Bergeron
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A Beautiful Planet

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Stunning visuals and awareness of Mother Earth dominate the 3D IMAX film A Beautiful Planet.

Leon casino, The images were lensed in 4K resolution, and shot by astronauts from the International Space Station. Unless you’ve been to the ISS, and there are those in greater Houston who have, you’ve never seen views like those on display in A Beautiful Planet. Jennifer Lawrence narrates.a-beautiful-planet-secondary

Witness a typhoon with a well defined 25-mile eye; the aurora borealis from outer space (approximately 250 kilometers above Earth); surreal views of major cities from an astronaut’s viewpoint; thunderstorms at night; and even how items are stored on the ISS, as well as the first espresso machine in space complete with a zero gravity cup.

While there are no country borders from this high up there are certain nations that are delineated by light and dark. One such place is Seoul, South Korea, which is lit up at night while North Korea, just next door and with as many people, is uncomfortably dark. Areas of drought (in California) and smoke from fires in tropical forests (in South America) are easily visible. Each picture says 1000 words and yet some images are beyond words.

A Beautiful Planet is unwinding in an exclusive one-week engagement at the Edwards Marq’e IMAX Theater.

— Michael Bergeron