Sunday, August 12, 2024

I Gots Ink Did

By Tyler Barber

Nothing to do with videogames here. I just wanted to post the outline of my first tattoo. Vince Crowley at Bombshell tattoos poked and prodded my body with needles until I couldn't take anymore. Joking aside, Vince had a steady and light hand when he was putting ink in me.

Thematically, Vince and I wanted to capture the romantic past of Texas, but with no overt imagery. We choose a yellow rose, and a bluebonnet to symbolize both the chivalrous sentiment of our state, and its waining popularity.

If you're looking to get a tattoo from Vince, you can either email him from his site here, or you can schedule an appointment with him at Bombshell tattoos. Just as a heads up, he only works weekends, which works fine for me, but if you want something during the week, any of the artists at Bombshell are more than able to get you something permanent.

Check out more pics of my first tattoo here.


At August 13, 2024 12:22 PM , afradesiac said...

Looks great and Vince is a stand up guy. I would reccomend him to anyne wanting a great artist with a great 'bedside manner'.


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