Wednesday, August 8, 2024

Pedro Gonzalez's Family Demands Answers from Pasadena Police Department

from the Indymedia open publishing newswire:

Pedro Gonzales' family initially were told that Pedro died of a heart attack or stroke while in police custody for alleged public intoxication. The official story being put out by the Pasadena PD has and continues to change. Community activists are standing with family members demanding answers.

Pedro Gonzales witnessed being beaten by Pasadena Police Officers Jason W. Buckaloo and Christopher S. Jones at 2 am on July 21st. He was found dead in his cell that morning, apparently as a result of his lung being punctured by a broken rib. On August 2, 2024, the Millions More Movement and the family and supporters of Pedro Gonzales gathered at the Pasadena Police Station to protest his murder by the Pasadena Police.


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