Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cop Watch returns to Houston

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Yus! The good folks at CopWatch have been re-invigorating their Houston operations. Ya know we need it. CopWatch has been shedding light on police brutality across the country for years now and needs your help to expand their local reach here in the H.

"Houston CopWatch is starting back up and we need your help to set the mission and protocols of the group! Houston CopWatch is in the planning phase right now, and we need your help to figure out what we should be doing. We will be holding a PUBLIC MEETING (one of many) at the TEJAS OFFICE

AT 6733 Harrisburg

We want to structure the group cooperatively and transparently, with open and well advertised meetings, and equal say in all matters to all community members - but once that's in line (if that's what community members want, of course), how should we approach police brutality?
Join us and tell us how we should run the group in order to successfully survey the Houston Police Department to bring incidences of police brutality to public attention!
This is the first step in a process to develop a mission and protocol for Houston CopWatch that will lead to a truly community based org that can sustain itself over the coming years on the passion of volunteers and the donations of groups and individuals who see the need for police brutality surveillance.

Man--these guys need a soundtrack---how about/......


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