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Freeway Blogging: at Dunlavy bridge last Tuesday

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At September 19, 2007 7:41 PM , Anonymous said...

People need to drop the 9/11 truth stuff. It takes away from the completely valid complaints against the Bush admin out there. All the 9/11 stuff from Jim "went to war for Stargates" Marrs to Alex "vaccines cause cancer" Jones and even 'Loose Change' are easily debunked.

There's enough real terror out there without resorting to concocting fantasies.

At September 20, 2007 11:34 AM , Free Press Houston said...

Some would say your 'valid claims' against the Bush admin are fantasies and conspiracies as well. Truth be told, an event like 9-11 deserves to be questioned and examined like anything else. Some folks merely think that the official story on 9-11 deserves the same scrutiny that you so willingly give the 'conspiracies.' In the end, logic wins and shit stinks. But to just bury our heads in the sand and blindly buy the official story is just as bad as buying into poorly concocted conspiracies.

At September 24, 2007 10:40 PM , Anonymous said...

the things is that 911 was an inside job, i don't understand why people, still question that. Same as the third reich done by adolf hitler. We live in a fascist country now. Which sucks.

We have'd our habeus corpus suspended since october 27, 2006.

In may, we have a national id with an rfid chip, that can scan our every move. And if you don't have it, you can't be in a public park, library, amtrax, or metro. And if you do wou'll simply be arrested.

Did you know in new york it is ilegal, to film anything for more than 10 minutes. ?? WHAt THE FUCK! How can we just let them take away our free speach.

We are this country, we control them, they don't control us. But we've let them take over. And you call 911 fantasies.

You, me or anyone can go to jail, or a prison camp like guantanamo bay, for even writing this blog. Do you see how they tasered a student at the university of florida, for asking kerry if him and bush were in the same secret society "skulls and bones". That same day it was our constitutions birthday.

Have you heard anyones testimony that was there that day? there was a bomb that exploded on the ground 7 seconds before the plane hit the airplane. As the bomb exploded, the elevator opened, a ball of fire came out of the elevators, burning, and melting the skin of every person that was there.

A bunch of muslims in caves that had box cutters, where able to penetrate the worlds greatest defense!. The british and australian government, told the usa about hijackers planning on hitting the wtc on 9/11. That day the us government was also having a 911 drill. Where hijackers hit the wtc. Why would there be a fake operation, to just basiccly confuse the faa.

watch these videos. This is not bullshit. its real. Please inform yourself.


At September 27, 2007 12:23 AM , Anonymous said...

free press:

I know where you're coming friend, and logic does speak for itself. It's one of the best tools we have for defeating nonsense like the "9/11 inside job" crowd. Now LIHOP? Maybe. I'm not going to pass judgment on that. I think it's far fetched, but that's a personal belief, and I can't prove it either way. But I will assert that the established record -- aggregating all sources, "conspiracy theories" and otherwise -- heavily implicates al-Qaida. This comes not from the 9/11 Commission but through countless exhaustive and tireless peer-reviewed studies. The body of evidence is ample and in the public domain. I'm jus' saying that the inside jobbers turn a lot of people away, needlessly, in my opinion.

And to the other poster, yes, I'm familiar with NYC's bullhorning laws and William Rodgriguez's testimony. The former sucks and the latter, I believe, is in error.

At September 27, 2007 9:24 AM , Free Press Houston said...

I appreciate your posting but am anxious to hear you say something that I cannot get from any mainstream source. I appreciate your scrutiny, but logic commands that you give the same scrutiny to the official story.
Calling out the wackos is much more powerful when you can just as easily call bullshit when it is bullshit and identify valid points that folks make light the fact that there is no plausible explanation as to how building 7 fell, or how Mohommad Atta's passport survived the explosion, subsequent massive rage of burning jet fuel, and then found on groung by FBI. Or better yet, the fact that it is PUBLIC RECORD that the Pentago had exercises the morning of 9-11 that included simulations of planes hitting tagets such as wtc, etc....

At October 1, 2007 11:16 AM , Anonymous said...

"like the fact that there is no plausible explanation as to how building 7 fell"

The working hypothesis is that WTC 7's unique load-bearing structure was compromised by the collapse of the WTC's primary towers as well as a fire that raged for the better part of the day. Diesel generators may have fed the fire. The structural engineering community favors this hypothesis, so they will be critical in confirming or refuting it, and I would be very hesitant to pass judgment before a peer-reviewed, long-term study is conducted. Furthermore, NY responders were pulled from the scene more than two hours before its collapse in preperation for such an event. Scientific analysis is still ongoing, and only time will tell the final conclusion. I would be interested in what the ASCE says about the NIST's final report. Subsequent studies will inevitably be conducted within the civil and structural engineering community (as has been done with WTC 1 and 2), further expanding our knowledge of the collapse.

"how Mohommad Atta's passport survived the explosion"

Stranger things have happened, although that's not an explanation. I don't know why it survived, but Occam's Razor suggests that we should investigate the possibility that it survived the blast first. Remember that when the airplane struck the building there was a tremendous amount of kinetic energy released, practically unparalleled in the world of airline disasters. It's not unreasonable that a small paper might have survived while not an inch of Atta's body remained. I would be interested in other hypotheses, but have not found any.

"he fact that it is PUBLIC RECORD that the Pentago had exercises the morning of 9-11 that included simulations of planes hitting tagets such as wtc"

I've heard a number of claims (from among others) that there were various training exercises staged that day, including a FEMA terror drill in NY (which was actually slated for Sept. 12). I've never seen one alleging simulations of planes striking the WTC, so please provide a public document asserting such. If you cannot find it online, please detail the record custodian to whom I would file an information request, if it is indeed public record.

Even if such an event occurred, remember the cardinal rule of statistics: correlation is not causation. While it might seem like an impossible coinicidence, unless evidence is provided to establish causation, there is no reason to believe causality.

Here is a Web site devoted to detailing military exercises:

A number of wargames occur daily nationwide. With a military of more than 900,000 active duty personnel, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't. I have not seen any evidence of causality established with regards to these exercises somehow being involved in the attacks themselves. Although as Sagan said, "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence," there is no indication that these attacks were somehow involved in 9/11, as some theorists might posit.


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