Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spot the Local Music Curmudgeon this weekend - Sept 15th Edition

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Sorry if this is a bit late. I'm still recovering from Thursdays impromptu Alarma, Somethin g Fierce, Monacles show at Rudz.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 16th, I'll be checking out Bright Men of Learning at Rudz. They are opening for Magnolia Electric Co. I haven't seen BMOL since their self-imposed break began in what seems ages so I'm pretty excited.

I hope to catch Tambersauro at the Proletariat this Thursday the 20th's happy hour show. Those never work with my schedule no matter how often I try but Tambersauro puts on a bad ass show so it's worth trying.

Last week I missed out on The Mathletes show at the Proletariat which Dusti Rhodes covered very nicely for the H. Press' blog (Kudos). I also missed John Muzak's birthday party at Super Happy. Sorry I was busy working on the Blades article so as to make the deadline.


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