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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - October 4th Edition

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-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-

This week I'm pretty slammed so you'll have to pardon my brief descriptions and first draft quality here but these all promise to be good shows featuring great local bands.

This Week's Spotlight
Friday October 5th
*Numbers,Indian Jewelry, and Hearts of Animals

Indian Jewelry put on some wonderful live shows. Sure their last release on Monitor is pretty sweet but live is where it's at with IJ. Last time I saw them at Walters it was a unique and engaging ritual of sound and smoke and this should prove to be just as cool a show. Meanwhile Hearts of Animals does some excellent low-fi one woman indie pop. HOA is so cool we're going to be doing a piece on her in December. Yeah, that's it...I'm going to Rudz to do prep for the article! Oh the suffering I have to go through to bring you guys the best in local music...Guinness, Stella, and Shiner will be there with me.

Also This Week

Thursday October 4th
Octopus Project,
Bring Back the Guns, and Satin Hooks
@ Numbers

Yes Octopus Project is pretty cool and all but the reason I'm psyched about this show tonight is that it's also BBTG's record release! Hell yes! I've been playing the Cd endlessly since I heard it- it's meticulously well crafted stuff and I love it. We'll be spotlighting them in November but in the meantime the Houston Press has a nice piece by Chris Grey on BBTG this week. Satin Hooks will open up the night and it's worth NOT missing their set - they put on one of the best rock performances of any band in town. Sadly I can't make it due to other commitments but you guys should go!

Saturday (3-6pm) October 6th
The Gowns,
A Pink Cloud, and Blades
@ Valhalla at Rice University
See KTRU for more details

Yes the very Blades that we covered this very month. Hot Dang!!! Their EPs have been good but still to really dig this band you have to see them live. Here is your chance. Plus on the same bill is one of our favorite experimental/noise acts, a Pink Cloud. Did I mention it's free? Hell yeah! It's a party!

Wednesday October 10th
Brimstone Howl, Something Fierce, Monocles, Alarma
@ The Proletariat

I saw the three locals at Rudz a while back and it was a blast. Something Fierce do the pop punk thing brilliantly and their new 7" is killer. The Monocles channel classic garage rock while Alarma is some of the most bad ass sloppy shit I've heard in ages. Should be fun and I hear the headliner is killer too


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