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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - October 18th Edition

-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-

Did last week kick your ass as much as it did mine?

Street Festival. Hope you got out last week because it was fucking blast. The Block Party was frikkin brilliant. Next year I need to work out a way to marathon it and make it through all 9+ hours. Shout out and love to all the people behind the scenes who made it work. I think by now the Block Party has grown enough into its own thing where I'd hope it can be appreciated on it's own merits. For too long it has lived under the critical comparisons of it's inspiration - the old Westheimer Street Festival. Sure the crowds, snakes, and the ladies at QTs taunting the passers-by was a lovely thing but I think people forget how utterly commercial the thing seemed to get in it's last few years with shitty beer sponsors and the like. That's not to disrespect it but as the old Street festival got bigger and spent a lot of its energy fighting obnoxious yuppies it did become less and less special. Meanwhile, the bloc party is still in it's youth and still growing which makes it scrappy and exciting - just like out little rag here. All I'm sayin' is let it go; bury the street fest already and enjoy the bloc party on its own merits.

Oh and while were talking about the past, kudos to the Julie Grob and JR Delgado on the Axiom reunion - I haven't been in a club with so few people under 35 like...well...ever! It was like a punk rock VA hall at Fitzgeralds. OK enough with the self deprecating humor - it really was a blast. I missed Friday night due to other commitments but Saturday was still awesome for the few bands I saw Bayou Pigs, Turmoil in the Toybox (for whom I was honored to run projections)*, and Cave Reverend were joyously chaotic. I wish I could have seen more but again too many thing going on last week. Mercifully, I did get to see Sprawl rip it up at Rudyards on Sunday which was simply incredible (see bad camera phone picture). Well I could go on and on about last week but this weekend is upon us.

This week ain't much better in the feast or famine that is Houston as it seems all the shit is going down tonight and tomorrow giving you some pretty hard choices of how to spend your money and your time.

This Week's Spotlight

-Friday October 19th
*Magic Markers, Indian Jewelry, Cop Warmth, and Thee Freed

@ The Backroom (through and behind The Mink)

Ok, so I know that I spotlighted an Indian Jewelry show just two weeks ago. Sure that would normally make me bump the spotlight but one thing has me excited about this show - Thee Freed. Will Freed - that's Will eating some nasty-ass breakfast as photographed by Will Adams - brings out his newest band to suffer from his limited but brilliant attention span (expect this one to break up within 6 months like all his other previous bands) has the amazing talents of Mlee Marie of Hearts of Animals and Jeff Williams of Black Snakes and Kangaroo. This is not to take away anything from the brilliance of Magic Markers, the spastic energy of Cop Warmth, or the chaotic pulse of Indian Jewelry (admittedly the show at Rudz blew but that's the only time I've ever seen them put on a bad show). All I'm saying is that I have high expectations for this local supergroup.

Also This Week

Thursday October 18th
Rusted Shut and Alarma
@ Walters

This show just popped-up out of nowhere. Rusted Shut are always a sure bet for loud chaotic insanity and Alarma is a band I've been wanting to see again after I saw them play a sloppy improvised pre-debut debut show a mere 2 weeks into the band's life. This should prove to be a fun show.

Thursday October 18th
Golden Axe and Satin Hooks
@ Boondocks

Another "where the fuck did this come from" show. Golden Axe ripped it up at the Block Party (as always) and tonight should prove no different. If you have not taken in the metal stylings of guitarist Warren Hatfield you are sorely missing out on one of the most dynamic combinations of musicianship and performance to hit these parts since Lauren Larson of Ume fame moved to Austin - the guy's simply incredible. The Hooks meanwhile always put on amazing shows. Kerry may not play any solos but I love his rhythm guitar work and with Nick on drums and Lucas on Bass... it's just fucking sweet.

Friday October 19th
*Qui, Dizzy Pilot, Rustler
@ Walters

David Yow's new band comes to Houston. I haven't heard a note from them yet but I'm definitely looking forward to it. Plus Dizzy Pilot - who I think are making this a CD release show - and Rustler will make for an awesome opening line-up. Oh how I hate club hopping!!!!

Thursday October 18th
@ The Engine Room

Thought I'd mention it even if it's not local but I really dig the new Caribou LP and it would be interesting to see how this headphone extravaganza of an album will translate live. Don't come crying to me about how nobody told you about this show.


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