Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fred Claus

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Very much on the level of a Jingle All the Way, Fred Claus provides mindless holiday entertainment for kids. Adults weaned on the kind of antics Vince Vaughn displayed in Wedding Crashers will not find a present under the tree.
The oddest thing is the level of Warner Brothers cross promotion that lies hidden in the film. Much of the set design and character games resembles a reassembled Polar Express. And Kevin Spacey, slumming it seems, delievers some eloquent lines about Superman. WB has both a sequel to Superman (in which Spacey was the villain) and a film about the Justice League on the boards.
There are two or three chuckles but nothing on the level of the previsouly mentioned Wedding Crashers. Both Fred Claus and Wedding Crashers were helmed by Davidf Dobkin. It's likely Dobkin just got lucky with the former as there's only one scene in Fred Claus that hints (a big Vaughn / Elf dance number) at any kind of quality comic touch.


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