Sunday, November 11, 2007

Leonard Nimoy on The Full Body Project

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Leonard Nimoy was giving a lecture in conjuction with his latest book The Full Body Project. Nimoy tells about the passage from actor to photographer. "There's always suspicion when an actor enters a different realm of the arts," began Nimoy.
Nimoy tells of walking out of a L.A. function with Tom Hanks. Hanks was approached by some kids who wanted to take their picture with him. Sure, replied Hanks but who's going to take the snapshot? One of the kids handed the camera to Nimoy and said, "Here, you're a good photographer."
At that point, Nimoy chuckles, "I had validation of my career path as a photographer."
During his speech to the audience in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Brown Auditorium Nimoy shows a photo of a hand with the four fingers divided into a V. Yes, it is the Vulcan greeting sign from Star Trek, but Nimoy intones it is much more.
The hand sign was originally seen by Nimoy during a Jewish ceremony where the rabbi made his hand into that shape to evoke the sign of God. The letter it forms in Hebrew is also associated with the name of God, as well as the first letter of Skekhina, also the title of his previous book (2002) that examines the essence of the feminine manifestation of God.
Years after seeing the hand sign as a child, Nimoy explains, he was on the set of Star Trek on the episode Amok Time. This was the first utterance of the phrase Live Long and Prosper. Nimnoy suggested a hand greeting unique to Vulvcans and the four-fingered V sign was born.
Nimoy's current book, which was selling like hot cakes at $50 a pop at the subsequent book signing, presents photos of full-figured women who "defy media images of the ideal female figure."


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