Friday, November 2, 2007

Metro is killing the scene!!!

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I've said before that if the Proletariat and Rudyards shut their doors that will be the final nail in the Montrose's coffin. Well, one half of that appears to be coming soon. If you read Skyline this morning, you'll know that the Proletariat is looking towards its inevitable end. Very sad as this has been a great incubator for local bands over the years and a fun place to hang out but the good news is that Denise does plan on moving the venue and I'm hoping she can pull it off. So tonight when you go out make sure to raise a glass for the Proletariat.

See full article on Skyline:


At November 7, 2007 11:36 AM , Kevin D. said...

I am not real sure that Proletariat was such a staple of live music in Houston rather than an insulated scenester haunt that stayed a few years past it's welcome. This is the inevitable consequence of pigeon holing yourself to such a fickle audience. There is no comparing Rudz to Prolo as Rudz has been around town for 30 plus years where Prolo popped up back in 2003. It surely is a loss but scene sheep will find another spot to graze.

At November 23, 2007 9:16 PM , Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Kevin D.,

Thank you but I think you confuse longevity with influence and value. Rudyard's has all three but many brilliant clubs have had great influence and value despite a short lifespan. Pik-N-Pack, for example, lasted very few years but people still speak of it with great fondness and admiration because it was somethings more than just a building but a home for bands and a community. Same thing goes for the Proletariat.

It's sad you don't recognize it and pathetic that you are relishing some schaudefreude on the whole thing. It's particularly telling that you have to prop up a scenester strawman to argue your take on the matter. (this is the kind of commentary that makes the Chronicle Commons such a depressing place to visit, maybe you should try that out)

But fine whatever, if going out and supporting bands at the Proletariat is being a scenester than fucking sign me up. I for one will be very sad when, in the next year or three, the bulldozers hit the Proletariat. I'm sure you have your lawn chair and cooler ready for the event. Good for you.


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