Thursday, November 8, 2007

Super Happy Funland prepares to bid farewell to it's lovely home and relocate to an as yet undertermined location.

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Crap, here I am on my way to my day job when I get the usual show update list from Superhappy except there is some sad news attached. Read on in sadness for the old building and in hope for the second coming of SHFL:

Howdy folks! Big news here at Super Happy Fun Land! We have been informed that the building that houses SHFL has been sold, and that this old shack will be replaced by sparkling new condominiums! So we are looking for another place right now (they say we will probably be out of here by the end of January), we have been thinking about moving to a larger location for awhile now so it is actually a good thing the gentrificators lit a fire under our lazy butts. Anyway, we can use all the help with this we can get, so let us know if you have any ideas for a new location, if you can help us move, or if we can borrow twenty thousand bucks from you (we will pay it back real soon, really, we promise!), any help of that nature would be great! At any rate we are committed to making the Super Happy Relocation Experience as fun and as exciting for you as it will be for us, so check out some of the events we have planned.

I hope the relocation works. Best of luck guys and thanks for all you've done for Houston over the years in that little house.

For a current show listing see: Superhappy Funland


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