Monday, January 14, 2024

Response from Sarah Ward to 'Worst of Houston': 'Overdosing'

Free Houston Press,

I was alerted by a friend to go to your website and read your "Worst of Houston" article in which it is stated that the "Worst Trend in Montrose is Overdosing". While the blurb was short, it was long enough to open wounds and offend those who knew and loved the "town idiot(s)".

I'm the sister of Hunter Ward. Hunter was a resident in Montrose the last year before his passing on June 30, 2024. But long before Hunter lived in the area, he was well known amongst Montrose residents/regulars for being a musician for a popular punk band.

Hunter is deeply missed by the family and friends (all over Houston) that he left behind. Every person whose life he touched is fully aware that how he died was tragic.

However, if your paper was really concerned about the overdose problem, and not just sensationalism, the blurb about being a “town idiot” or “mixing cocaine and heroin will make you die…duh” would not have been posted/printed in the tasteless manner that it was. Not to mention, you don't know for certain that this is how these young people died.

The gossip and sensationalism over the word “heroin” needs to stop. More awareness needs to be put on what so many people are overdosing from. Simple, easy to get, everyday medications mixed with alcohol is an even bigger problem than that of the word we gasp over, heroin. Recreational drug usage is on the rise and there is no boundary on the levels of society that it touches.

You are more than welcome to post/print my response. It is my hope that public streams of media such as yours will take their reach to the public to offer means of help. Just bear in mind, the very people who have a secret addiction that often lead to overdose, are the very people who will retreat even further should they read things or hear things that cause them to feel further shame or judgement.

God bless,
Sarah Ward


At March 25, 2024 11:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hunter was my friend. i miss him a lot because he was just really fucking cool. although, i must say, even he would have agreed with the original article that Sarah's letter was in reference to. his love of things that no one could call ''tasteful'' was so much of what made weirdo's such as myself love him.


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