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Spot the Local Music Crumudgeon - January 24th Edition.

-A weekly blog where I highlight at least one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time. -


Last week was all about the Mathletes at the Prolee. The 15 piece ensemble ripped through 14 songs of pure fun and everyone had a blast. Which isn't to say that the opening bands were chopped liver. Jenny Westbury did that Jenny Westbury happy acoustic thing which is always clever and refreshing. Denton's Fishboy was an nerdy energetic hoot to say the least and Ill Advisory ripped through a great set despite some computer issues. But most importantly it was simply a party with everyone celebrating and having a good time. Definitely a great way to send Joe packin' to Austin. Here is a link to a photo blog on the show that I did for Non-Alignment Pact which sums up the night pretty well (Link).

This week though will be a bit more relaxed for me (you'll note no asterisks this week) but ,unless you have some damn good excuse, this week should be nutters with good shows. Hell it was impossible to whittle it down to just one show so I had to spotlight three - that's how nutters it is! Anyhow, let's roll on into this week shall we?

(Ka-nives, Grapes, Dimes, Sharks, Bright Men, Mlee, and Elaine - it's nutters how much there is to do)

Fri., January 25
The Ka-nives / The Dimes / American Sharks

Crocker House Party

Oh crap let's try to box up the insanity of garage gods The Ka-nives in a house, throw in poppy indie gods the Dimes, and local bad-asses American Sharks. Yeah that's a good idea! All I can say is I'm glad I'm not cleaning the house on Saturday. I predict overflowing house, insane rocking, enough beer to make St. Arnold proud, and a hella lot of fun.

Sat., January 26 -
Secret Saturday Show
The Ka-Nives & Bright Men Of Learning
& The Dimes
@ The Shady Tavern

(1206 W. 20th St.; 12-5PM, free!)
Well confirmed rumors of The Ka-nives and Bright Men of Learning have proved one thing to me: the secret thing is cute but enough already. Let us know who is playing because it's pretty neat to know and it builds a lot more excitement. Anyhow, if you can't make the house party on Friday, this is your second chance to see the Ka-nives in all their manic crazy-ass glory. More laid back but no less worthy of your afternoon are Bright Men of Learning whose well crafted rootsy indie rock will bring you back down to earth like a good shot of Scotch. OOOH I just read on Skyline Network that the Dimes are in on it too. GO!

Sat. Jan 26 -
Eat Grapes, Mlee Marie, and Elaine Greer
Eat Grapes (Tyler of Balaclavas' acoustic/ambient solo project) celebrates a limited 30 Edition CD release - a split double CD-R of ambient noise improvisation with Oscillator . Eat Grapes' mix of acoustic guitar vocals and ambient tape loops are gorgeously trippy and, if that were all, it would be a pretty great reason to hit NOTSUOH but also on the bill are two other heavy hitters - Mlee Marie and Elaine Greer. Mlee Marie is the acoustic personae of Mlee Suprean (who will be in the spotlight for the next three weeks). While not noisy and textured like her more talked-about Hearts of Animals, it lacks none of the lyrical depth or melodic nuance and wit you've come to expect from her. If you've never seen Mlee Marie live, I highly recommend doing so. The last time I saw an Mlee Marie show, the room went from noisy to quiet within seconds proving that you can command a room without having to make a ruckus. Lastly, we have Elaine Greer whose melodic work I've been getting a grand kick out of on Myspace but sadly I've had the bad luck of missing her live. From what I've heard, live she's a hoot.


Fri., January 25 -
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings / The Ivan Meliv Band
@ Walter's on Washington
Don't worry about the rain cause some fine funky R&B is coming to town. This will likely sell out so consider yourselves warned.

Fri., January 25 -
Spain Colored Orange/Heist at Hand/Paris Falls
@ The Proletariat
Spain Coloured Orange are one of those bands who I can look and say "Man, they do what they do very well." and live they put on a good show. Still, for me Paris Falls may not be as textured but they have some bad-ass songs. Last year's Volume I was one of those CDs that kept kicking around in my car endlessly. Unfortunately their sophomore CD ended up on somewhere on Montrose at the last block party for some lucky bastard to stumble upon. Eh, that's what I get for carrying too much crap.

Fri., January 25 -
Grand Opening Polka Party on Polk Street
featuring Poopy Lungstuffing, The Annoysters, Styrofoam Duck, & Muzak John
@ Super Happy Fun Land
(new location; free!)
The long exodus is over, join The Super Happy Funland folks in the promised land which happens to be on Polk. Who wuld'ave thunk it. Minneapolis' Styrofoam Duck is pretty cool and John Muzak is always a blast and how can you not love The Annoysters when they have a song called Kazoo Hell? Anyhow, welcome back SHFL.

Fri., January 25
Poor Dumb Bastards
/Black Novas/Shit City High /Dolly Rockers
@ Rudyard's

The Poor Dumb Bastards are like some bad disease you think you killed off with those anti-biotics but then it comes back and kicks you in the henie. Eh, it's a night of overdriven guitar rock waddaya expect? The Dolly Rockers will rock too and they'll make sure to keep if from being a sausage fest.

Fri., January 25 -
Avant Disco
Ceeplus Bad Knives / PRKL8R/ Juan The Terrible / Marushka
@ Avant Garden
Ya got yr DJs plowin' through their record collections at Avant garden. Sounds sweet. But best of all they use Boris art for their poster- Awesome!

Sat., January 26 -
Sole and the Skyrider Band/ Telephone Jim Jesus/ Giant Princess
@ The Proletariat
Oh shit! It's the last week of The Prolee and that alone makes it worthwhile. I caught Giant Pricess at Dean's a while back while working on a feature article and from what I could hear they were pretty cool.

Sat., January 26
Robin Trower
@ The Meridian
I'm only mentioning this because Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs always cracks me up. I have no idea why.

Sat., January 26 -
Born Liars
Something Fierce, Canyon of the Skull, The Monocles
@ Rudyard's

The unholy triumvirate of Born Liars, Something Fierce and The Monocles should put fear into the hearts of most sane people then you add Austin's knuckle scraping Canyon of the skull and you will have one amazing night of ass kicking and a highly recommended ass kicking at that. By the way, Scott Snott of the Born Liars gets married this day so ladies - he's taken. Congrats Scott.

Sat., January 26 -
The Devil Bat (CD release)/Triplewide/Abigail und Hansel/ST37/Rotten Piece/Cinema Bomar
@ Super Happy Fun Land

I was trying to figure out why A Und H sounded so cool - well hell, it's Joel of ST37 - no wonder! Anyhow, ST37 are always amazing and a kick, Rotten Piece are also brilliant. So to cut to the chase ['cause it's late] this show gets the Dio metal sign.

Mon., January 28 -
Van Halen/Ky-Mani Marley

Toyota Center
You know, while I do have to say that I love the David Lee Roth era Van Halen and all, this show is likely the saddest nostalgia express to have rolled-up in quite some time. Attend at your own risk. I think you'd do better at...

Mon., January 28 -
Marshall’s Happy Hour Invitational
Custom Drinker, John Sears, Awesome!, The Jonx
@ The Proletariat
(Starts at 6PM)
Kudos to Marshall (Bright Men of Learning) for putting this on. It's a freaking sweet lineup. Looks to be running between 6-8pm so don't dilly-dally after work. So you don't have to come to the Prolee in a suit and tie, pack some jeans and what not in your satchel so you can change in the bathroom at work. You can thank me later. Anyhow here is Marshall's Blog on this lovely event (link)

Wed., January 30 -
Over Sea Under Stone / Geisert 8 / Judas Bear / Antarctica Starts Here
@ The Proletariat
We are winding into Prolee Week here so let the bittersweetness of great shows and good times kick into high gear. OSUS, Judas Bear, and ASH are all solid bands with unique sounds that are always interesting and Geisert 8 are from Peoria which is begging for some really bad joke.

Wed., January 30 -
Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan) & Jozef van Wissem (Holland)
The Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum
(8:00PM Free)
Nameless Sound (Link) brings this city some of the most incredible shows from some of the worlds most heralded improvisational musicians. In other words, you shouldn't miss out on this.


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