Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Mama vs. Harold & Kumar

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The SNL vibe you might think resides within Baby Mama is there in full force and sequelitis explains many things about Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay but perhaps not Neil Patrick Harris playing himself and getting shot to death by Beverly D'Angelo. There are Iranian films that share more of an esthetic ideology with American films than Baby Mama and H&KEFGB.; Unless the new zeitgeist centers on pubes and the ability to deliver a baby being a prerequisite for graduating high school.
Harold and Kumar escape from a skit-com version of Guantanamo Bay in the first part but before the end of the film they are smoking a fattie with W in his Me Room at his Texas ranch. Everything is bottomless, turned to 11 on the fluid scale and even occasionally funny. Like when H&K; are busted while hiding out at a Klan rally. "They're Mexicans," yells one redneck. Plainly speaking the movie is 50-50 on laughs that connect but John Cho and Kal Penn have at least the chemistry of Chris Farley and David Spade. Since this film comes at the end of the New Line era it will be interesting to see if further sequels bear the WB logo.
Baby Mama has equal laughs and equal groans and one might be tempted to write off the entire thing especially when wasting talent like Greg Kinnear and Dax Shephard on non-dimensional characters. It's like the filmmakers wanted to exceed their grasp but they were content to just get the thing off the ground. At least this is a film with PG-13 temerity to refer to the perineum as the taint, a term you couldn't even imagine being used outside of the bedroom.


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