Monday, June 2, 2008

Fairy God Camel

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May the fairy god camel leave a hump under your pillow. Sex and the City shows that making a movie from a television series demands a big first weekend. Look for similar brief moments in the spotlight for Get Smart (which originally premiered on NBC but its last year was picked up by CBS) and X Files: I Want to Believe. Dallas the movie is in production, and we already saw Speed Racer round the track last month. I was underwhelmed by SATC but I'm not the target audience, the same reaction I had to Prince Caspian (kid's stuff). You have to wonder though, the scene where Charlotte literally shits in her pants just seemed out of character with the show. And the fart sound effects were like something out of gross out teen flick. Even the new Adam Sandler starrer Zohan, despite being raucous, doesn't bend over in such a manner. Expect the sequel SATC2 to go into production soon. Ironically this film performed beyond expectation because that's what New Line Cinema was all about, defying expectations. Only NL was shitcanned a couple months ago by parent Warner Brothers who will now reap the benefits. Expect another breakout opening later this year with The Women, a remake of the 40s classic, from Picturehouse another division of Warner Brothers that will soon cease to be an entity.


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