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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tonight's Recession Thursday!! 12 June 2008

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 10:48 PM

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The Delta Block - This trio demands the masses "wake up!" and the band (John Newton, Dominique Withoff, and X) is going to get through that thick skull of yours with politically charged lyrics atop punk, angsty, and loud riffs! (You may have known them before as MK Ultra.)

Basses Loaded - 6 strings are for wusses. You take three guitars in a band and what do you get? The Eagles. Fuck that! Take three basses and what do you get? Basses Loaded. But Mike, Lee, Ben, the other Mike's three bass and one drum attack is much more than just shtick - they rock with great songs and rip on their instruments. Bonus points: swiping the Jimmy Page bow gimmick.

The Fucking Transmissions - More than just a rap group (with members of Basses Loaded playing Bass and Drums), they are a party! Not just any party - the party. Not just the party - the motherfucking party. Not just the motherfucking party the motherfuckingest of motherfucking partys! Feel that? That is you ass shaking, don't deny your ass! Get on the floor and move that thing!

Satin Hooks - Kerry and Lucas - two indie rock badasses always in search of a drummer. Through Lucas' bass-work, Kerry's sinfully underrated rhythm guitar, and their raucous live shows, the band seems to cause even the best drummer to scurry from the state in fear.

Shina Rae - Hey you in the back. Less talking, more dancing! Electronic dance diva who pulls every rabbit out of her hat with her latest album will challenge even the most pathetic wallflower onto the dance floor. Bonus: DJ Witness has her back on her live shows.



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