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Thursday, July 10, 2024

Pics from Willie's Picnic

posted by Free Press Houston @ 4:32 PM

* 1346 - arrived at concert. Asleep at the Wheel playing "Boogie Back to Texas".
* 1424 - Asleep at the Wheel finishing up. Wind kicks up as the storm blows in.

* 1425 - Stagehands scramble from unseen places under the stage to cover equipment.
* 1426 - In a strange matchup, man races cowboy hat blowing down the track. The hat wins.
* 1432 - Rain and wind.
* 1434 - A couple with a small baby is brought to the media tent for shelter from the storm. Baby is subject of bored photographers' cameras for the next 6 minutes. The parents look pissed.
* 1527 - Rain finally stops. Ray Wylie Hubbard opens with "Snake Farm".
* 1600 - First tittie flash of the evening.
* 2100 (circa) - Willie makes his first appearance. Does anyone else smell a skunk?
* 2152 - Crowd simultaneously puts their arms around each other as Willie plays "Always on My Mind".
photos by Bruce Wiggins



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