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Wednesday, July 2, 2024

The Skyline Network presents Hootenanny II: Twotenanny

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July 26 @ The Mink's Backroom

Words by David A. Cobb
Photo by Rosa Guerrero

(The Ka-nives have since cancelled)

Many people shudder when they hear the term "cover band," but the crew over at The Skyline Network knows a good idea when it strikes: get some of the best local bands together to play as their favorite classic bands. After the inaugural Hootenanny in January--which featured 10 bands and seemed to be way past capacity--it was pretty much a sure thing that there would be a sequel.
This month's show, which is July 26th at The Mink's Backroom, features another excellent, varied line-up: The Ka-Nives as The Lemonheads, Flowers to Hide as The Cure, The Kimonos as Blondie, Buxton as Bjork, Custom Drinker as Rod Stewart, Tody Castillo and Friends as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Friends, Sharks and Sailors as The Police, American Sharks as The Cars, Judas Bear as Spoon, and Paris Falls as Rush.
Sharks and Sailors' Mike Rollin says the inspiration for their set came from their admiration of The Police. "We're all big fans, and we wanted to do something fun," he says. "It's also a good chance to rip off...I mean, learn some new chords. Andy Summers is a wizard."
As for which bands he's excited about seeing at the Hootenanny, he says, "The Ka-Nives' set will be insane. I also want to see Paris Falls doing Rush. I want to hear "2112" in its entirety...Marshall covering Rod Stewart will be fun, and Flowers to Hide's three-guitar attack should lend itself well to The Cure."
Tom Petty is an obvious choice for local crooner Tody Castillo, who will play alongside a Who's Who of local musicians, including Ben Murphy, Travis Foster, Kurt Coburn, Arthur Yoria, and Ryan Chavez. It's nice to hear from you. "All of these guys are big Petty fans and we're psyched to be doing it," Castillo says. "We're going full force rock on this one..."
Musician Ray Brown (Paris Falls) says Rush wasn't the band's first choice but that it works perfectly with their current line-up. "We first thought Alice Cooper but we didn't think many people would know the tracks we wanted to do," he says. "Iron Maiden was out of the picture because we needed more guitars. We didn't want to come off doing a band someone would expect us to do like the Beatles. Since we're a three-piece band now, it worked out to do Rush songs. We will be doing a 2112 song but unfortunately not [The Temple of] "Syrinx." We couldn't land the Taurus pedals. Also expect songs from Signals, Moving Pictures, Hemispheres..."
"Plus we all grew like three sets of extra balls each and we needed to use them," he jokes.
Brown also says he's looking forward to seeing The Kimonos and Sharks and Sailors. "And bands with more sweet 'staches, naturally, even if Mikey's isn't."
Cover is a mere $5, so you really have no excuse.

\American Sharks as The Cars
Buxton as Bjork
Custom Drinker (Marshall Preddy) as Rod Stewart
Flowers to Hide as The Cure
The Kimonos as Blondie
Paris Falls as Rush
Sharks and Sailors as The Police
Tody Castillo and Friends as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Welfare Mothers as Johnny Cash
Wild Moccasins as TBD


At July 7, 2024 7:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, the band in the picture is the one that cancelled!! Ha!

At July 8, 2024 10:47 AM , Blogger Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Yeah but the Ka-nives were instrumental in the second one happening. I spoke with ADR and he said they approached him about playign as the Lemonheads which is what got the ball rolling on this sequel. So in a way they are aprropriate.


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