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Wednesday, July 2, 2024

Tonight's Recession Thursday - The Jonx, Closet City, Mesus the Thesus, Sew What, Lennie Briscoe all for $5 at Numbers

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 10:52 PM

The Jonx - This band alone is worth $5 and more. With a triple threat of incredible drumming (Danny Mee), razor sharp guitar (Stuart Smith), and nimble and brutal bass (Trey Levigne), The Jonx are and have been one of Houston's best and criminally undervalued bands. I still pop in their last album and marvel at how goddamn good that album is from beginning to end.

Closet City - Oh yeah, these guys. They were pretty awesome musically. The weird thing is they had this amazing juxtaposition of hardly moving while playing this insanely aggressive music. So my reaction when I clicked on their myspace and realized it was them was a big dopey grin. Rock dudes!

Mesus The Thesus - MESUS THE THESIS LOVES REESES PIECES! I mean that sells it, doesn't it? Ok OK well how about the fact that they say "Our beats are hotter than the devil's drawls, more hip than those Westheimer hipsters, cleaner than the snuggle bear, and mo' crisp than a new can of DP." Mo' crisp than DP? DAAAAMN!

Sew What - Truly one of Death Metal's most esteemed and feared performers. Rachel's vocals and guitar make blood flow from the ears of all posers while Corey's instrumentation is truly worthy of Satan himself. Yes, truly metal as the dark lord intended...errrr or maybe it's late, I'm tired, and they are really a folk band. Check out the crushing Iron Maiden like gallop of "Chocolate Water" and you tell me.

Lennie Briscoe - Who's in Lennie Briscoe? Let's just say it's a secret and you'll have to come on down to find out. ;)


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