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Friday, August 8, 2024

The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of August 8, 2024

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 10:00 AM

is on Chilling!

Yes, that's right! After two weeks of Houston music insanity it's time to chill. There are some good shows out there this week but let's all just take a nice breather and relax this week. Errr well...that and I was busy interviewing Tambersauro last night for next month's issue (the new CD is killer by the way). As a result I find myself typing this on my lunch break. So pardon the abbreviated nature of this week's preview.


Friday, August 8

Paris Falls/ Airon Dugas, Bobby DJ
@ Sigs lagoon 7PM

Paris Fall's new album Volume II has been spinning in my car for a while now with it's beatle-esque organ and Gibson fueled rock. They also have probably one of the most ingenious light shows I've seen and given it's been a while since I've seen them play their own material all I can say is "Woo! Taco's Au-go-go and free rock!" - sounds like the start of a kick ass evening.

Tody Castillo / The Wild Moccasins
@ Rudyards $3
Later, after Sigs, you can head over here for the bargain priced little can of whoopass. It's a nice little out-of-the-blue show that just appeared on our radar earlier this week. Combine the rootsy sound of Tody Castillo with the youthful poppy energy of the Wild Moccasins and you've got a pretty sweet evening of music. YUSSS!

on KTRU's Revelry Report 6PM
Music for your drive time.

Hayes Carll (in-store)
@ Cactus Music (5PM)

Friday's free instore #2.

World's Most Dangerous (CD release) / The Trian Woodburns / Hell's Engine
@ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

It's a CD release for some band with an annoying myspace layout. Thankfully ADR (link) and Chris Gray (link) were able to survive this side scrolling and video bloated wasteland of a myspace page and post something about these guys.

Saturday August 9

Asylum Street Spankers
@ McGonigel's Mucky Duck

The Mucky Duck brings you ASS. ASS from Austin. A lot of people really like ASS. I have to admit that ASS is pretty good. If you like rootsy Americana stuff then you probably like ASS too. In fact, you probably own some ASS and if not you can always grab yourself some ASS after the show - you know the shiny round kind. OK that joke went on a bit long didn't it?

Craig Kinsey
@ The Continental Club

The Sideshow Tramps most honourable reverend Craig Kinsey kicks it solo. I haven't seem him pull it solo but I suspect that it still ends up with a bunch of folks dancing and hootin' and hollerin'.

Sunday, August 10

Nebula / Totimoshi / Whorehound
@ Rudyard's

And on the 7th day the Lord said "Let there be rock!" and so he created Whorehound and saw it was good.

Tribute to Kirk Carr, featuring
Violence of the Sun / The Anarchitex / The Trolls / The Hightailers / Nema
@ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (3PM)

Kirk Carr played in various Houston bands including the Pain Teens and The Trolls. Sadly he passed away in May of this year but his friends have put together this little shindig in his honor.

Monday, August 11

Yndi Halda / Antarctica Starts Here / listenlisten / Wood & Felt
@ The Mink (Backroom)

I don't know much about the touring band and goddamn if everything isn't licked to myspace (which is blocked from where I type this) so let me just recommend this based on Antarctica Starts Here's brilliant jangly atmospheric shoegaze and listenlisten's rootsy goodness.

Lenny Briscoe /Lazy Horse
@ Boondocks
Boondocks continues its free Monday shows with the faboo Lenny Briscoe and the toppermost of the poppermost Lazy Horse.

Tuesday, August 12

The Mckenzies @ KTRU's Local Show
8PM Free
OK so you won't get the bubble machine over the radio but that's no reason not to tune in and check out one of Houston's best pop bands.

Wednesday, August 13

Old Farts Early Show, featuring
Something Fierce, The Mathletes, DJ Under Warranty, & DJ Lawncare
@ The Mink
Yes with an appreciation for the working stiffs who have to get up early and punch the clock here you have the high melodic punk energy of Something fierce mixed with the awesome melodic geek pop of Joe Mathlete. Great Idea! Hope this one

Thursday, August 14

Recession Thursdays, featuring The Eastern Sea, Earnie Banks, Alarma, Lazy Horse, Old Coyote, & Electric Attitude
@ Numbers

Last week we took a breather but we're back in force. Dig it. the Eastern Sea blew my pants off a few weeks back at Walters and Lazy Horse and Alarma are so bad ass that if I could explain to you their awesomeness it would kill you.


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