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Thursday, October 9, 2024

The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of October 10,2008

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 5:47 AM


Jeez, like you couldn't see that coming!!

Hey c'mon, it's the biggest party for the City of Montrose and you are invited and it's gonna be free. Even the after party at Numbers (while not free) will be pretty bad-ass. So come on down even if it's only for a bit. You don't have to partake of the full buffet but just at least come on down and have a sample. I promise this will leave you more satisfied than Golden Corral ever will.

I'll post my planned route tomorrow where I'll highlight some artists but the Block Party is such a beast that for today I'll just toss you the posters and tourist information below. Click on the map and the stage guide to enlarge to image.

Westheimer Block Party Poster

Numbers After-Party Show Poster

Stage Guide
(Click to enlarge)

Block Party Map
(Click to enlarge)


Friday, October 10

Sideshow Tramps / Buxton
@ The Continental Club

Wow, is this an amazing bill or what? The Tramps are one of the hootinest hollerinest fun bands you can go see. It's like a tent revival with a whole lotta dancing and drinkin'. Buxton meanwhile are one of Houston's premiere bands that combine a heartfelt rootsy sensibility, sharp musicianship, and emotional songwriting that's sure to wow you. Seriously this show is gonna be the shit!

Monotonix / Dizzy Pilot / American Sharks
@ The Mink

Oh wait, this show is also going to be the freaking shit! Monotonix stole freaking SXSW last year with their antic driven high energy rock and roll. Sure the album is good but ask anyone whose seen them live and you'll know that Monotinix is a band to be experienced live. Make sure your upper body strength is up to the task though. The drummer being carried aloft on his bass drum by the audience is almost a requisite part of the show now. As if that isn't enough, openers Dizzy Pilot are one of Houston's loopiest guitar fired bands and American Sharks is now listed by Merriam Websters as a synonym for Party.

Orents Stirner / Alkari / Hearts of Animals
@ Rudyard's

Well,I have to say I wasn't too keen on the vocals on the original Orents Stirner CD - too melodramatic for my taste - but the live performance they have on their myspace works much better in that department and suggests they may be a more interesting beast live. Alkari quietly releases lovely Indie Pop CDs with some very pretty production. For me though, the big deal here is opener Hearts of Animals who's newest CD is a feast of lush low-fi goodness.

Laurie Anderson
@ Wortham Center's Cullen Theater (8PM)
I jumped the gun on this one last week but Anderson's Multimedia shows are always an impressive and thought provoking tour de force. SPA brings Anderson's newest work Homeland to Houston which they describe as a "portrait of contemporary American culture [that] explores the current climate of fear and the obsessions with information and security." Coolness! If I had infinite cash reserves and a Time Tuner, I'd be so there.

Cat Power / Appaloosa / DJ FREDster (after show)
@ Warehouse Live

OK let me say it, the last Cat Power album of covers was a bore. Chan Marshall's phrasing is amazing but she's such a good writer that this kind of catalog padding is just annoying. Just sayin'. Anyhow here's your chance to see her Channess live in person. Should be solid!

Don't Fight It, featuring
Dave Wrangler, Piss Heavy, & Young Squaddy
@ Boondocks

Boondocks DJ. Nuff said.

Saturday, October 11

500 Megatons of Boogie / Wicked Poseur / data versus data
@ The Mink

The only band crazy enough to play a show the same night as the Block Party? Yeah 500 Megs would be the band. But you can't argue the guys put on a great bootie shaking show. While the technology is still in it's infancy our reading suggest that the band actually delivers 507.8962 Megatons of Boogie. Wicked Poseur and data versus Data haven't been measured yet but we suspect they could at least match them megaton by megaton. BONUS: If the stars align just right with the UPS truck, Wicked Poseur may have their new 7" available! Wooo!

The entirely unrelated to the block party
"West Fest After Party"
The Flamin' Hellcats / Wasted (Black Flag Tribute band)
2222 Morgan (6PM)
Well, While it starts during our Block Party, technically it is an After Party if you consider how many years it's been since West Fest took over the entire length of Westheimer. Technicalities aside, this started a tirade/flame war between Kerry of Satin Hooks and well just about everyone else on Hands Up Houston which made everyone's day in the office pass much faster than it would have otherwise. Thanks Kerry. FYI - Mickey T (Gorenado) and The Turbo Moto Motorcycle Club are putting it on.

Sunday, October 12

Paul Winstanley with The Nameless Sound Ensemble
@ Art League Houston 7PM (1953 Montrose Blvd.)
$10 General Admission, $8 Students, Everyone under 18 gets in for free.

Damn so I walk in to Dietrich's Coffee the other day and I see a poster and vocally say "Oh shit it's Paul!!!" Ya see, back in the late 80's (or was it the early 90's? I can't remember) Paul Guilford (as he was want to call himself) along with Dave Dove played some of the wildest improvisational music you could shake two sticks at. Fleece Records released one of their CDs (you may still find one at Sound Exchange if you are lucky) and they played some great shows during their time but sadly, Paul's visa ran out and he returned to his native New Zealand. So Imagine my thrill at seeing this poster hanging there. If you like your music joyful and challenging this is going to be your kind of show. oh and welcome back Paul!

Akimbo / Ghost Town Electric
@ The Mink

Akimbo are the heavy mother fucker. Dropping a bass and drum rhythm section in the Jesus Lizard mode and blood strained vocals that would likely make your ears bleed, the band can pack a wallop. You'd figure, after 10 years of delivering a pounding on fans, these Seattle assholes would at least get show some sympathy for their victims but listening to the new album Jersey Shores it's clear they show no mercy. Sunday night's show should leave you crying uncle before you leave.

Rock the Boat: Hurricane Ike Relief Concert, featuring
Pale, Deep Ella, Paris Green, & Morgue City
@ The Meridian

Hurricane Ike Benefit.

Monday, October 13

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's / David Vandervelde / Judgement Day / The Wild Moccasins
@ The Mink
Pretty pretty indie pop is what the Indianapolis collective known as Margot & the Nuclear So So's peddle in and it's a very pleasant and lush set of goods they are selling. For kookiness Oakland's Judgement day will be worth catching. They are a cellist and a violinist who play metal inspired instrumentals. Yeah, like I said kooky but somehow it's kind of charming. But the thing that makes me jump up and down for joy is the Wild Moccasins who are on the verge of releasing their next album hopefully in December.

Tha Fucking Transmissions
@ Boondocks

Oh shit the Transmissions. Likely Houston's most rockin' hip-hop band! Sharp as nails MC's and a rhythm section that's as good as Basses Loaded...oh wait.

Tuesday, October 14

Awesome Color / Paris Falls / Guitars / Bobby DJ
@ The Mink

Holy motherfucker! Awesome Color just hits every primeval chimp node in your brain and keeps pounding until you seizure. The opening line up alone great Booby DJ spins some lovely tunes, Guitars are aces too, and lets not forget Paris Falls whose spin on late era Beatles sounds is a must see but goddamn Awesome Color is the cherry on top of it all! We'll have a short 5 question interview with them on Tuesday just to remind you. Until then, check out this video if you don't believe me.

The Cardinals (Ryan Adams & co.)
@ Verizon Wireless Theater
I get a big meh from Ryan Adams. I dunno once he did the duet with Tina Turner it was all downhill*.

Neil Diamond
@ Toyota Center

I am I said! Fuck yeah. Go Neil! He may not have the mane or the manly chest hair of the Hot August Nights era but ya gotta give it up to the man for penning some very lovely pop songs back in the day.

Wednesday, October 15

A Place to Bury Strangers/Sian Alice Group/Ringo Deathstarr
@ Walter's on Washington

Brooklyn's A Place To Bury Strangers are often classified as shoegaze but to me they sound a bit earlier in their influence by mixing spacey Bauhaus guitars and early New Order beats. Bonus the guitarist makes guitar effects under the name Death By Audio (link). I liked the Total Sonic Annihilation - Sound Kill (Link) NEAT!

Thursday, October 16

Sunburned Hand of the Man
@ Rudyard's

SHOTM may be able to play some lovely straight ahead stuff but for the most part they don't keep things straight for long but almost immediately chart for the most perilous psych waters and despite all the chaos somehow get you through alive.

The Suspects
@ Discovery Green (downtown; free, 6:30PM)

Hey you don't watch that watch this!!!

*Yes it's a fucking joke. :P


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