Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanks Houston!

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Allahuakbaaaaar! That was such a clutch-tastical Block party yesterday! At one point, I really felt as if we opened Pandora's Box when I saw a man with a shopping cart with Christmas lights on it that was surrounded by about 40 people dancing and climbing the Metro stop. There were more people, more great shows, and more joyful/disturbing moments than any Block Party past. For one brief, brief millisecond... it felt like Mardi Gras. We always come up short on thanking people and I am gonna be a touch over zealous here as I want you readers to know the folks in the community that bring you such a great FREE music and arts fest. If you see any of them, I encourage you to extend your gratitude because they do not for fiscal gain but just build community and keep arts and music on the streets of Montrose.

Thanks to:
Mark and Shelby Martin
(The Hidden Hand behind the Block Party)
George at GJG Productions
Paul Holzhauer
...My Muse
Zero and Wassi
Kerry Melohnson
JD from Secret Saturday Shows
Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl
Jeff Storm Jeff Storm Jeff Storm Jeff Storm
Tim Dorsey
Ramon Medina
Tyler Barber
Brittany Bly
Mills McCoin
Andrea Afra
Amy Simon
and the rest of the FPH staph
ADR, Dusti Rhodes, Matt Wettergreen, Marlo Blue, Jeremy from SCR,
for helpin' spread that word
Mariana, Rudy, Eduardo, Wes Wallace, Delinda, and all the other property managers
Jacob Calle! Motherfucker!
Giant Battle Monster
Donny Hall for the AMAZING commercial
Alexandre Rosa
Frank Zwee
Ali Nahhas from Aladdin ( Best hummos in town)


The more than 104 bands that came to play for free
just because they love to play music. There has been this silly narrative in other publications, on message boards, and blogs about some ostensible lack of the presence of a music scene in Houston. However- Anyone at yesterday's Block Party could NEVER make such an assertion in the face of thousands of people getting down for so many bands. People are hungry! They just need art and music 'contextualized' in the right way.
Anyways, all the bands really WENT HARD and put on grrreat performances and if you see em' on the streets, thank them.


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