Thursday, October 16, 2024

Yes Yes, Ya'll- Another Flavor Trippin' Party is in Effect Ya'll (@ St Arnold's Brewery)

When: 11/7 & 11/23

Where: St. Arnold's Brewery
What: Flavor Trippin Party
Host: Houston Chowhounds and the Berry Fairy

Please don't tell me you have something better to do than eat a crazy ass berry that changes your taste perception into a psychedelic experience. And equally excellent is the location of the party: THE St. Arnold's Brewery, where you will get to imbibe as much of their fine beverages as you can responsibly intake.
Basically, you eat this West African berry that inhibits your sour and bitter taste reception. A selection of foods will be provided based on their flavor interaction with the berry and your taste buds. Lemons will taste sweet, stout beer like a chocolate milkshake, cheese like cheesecake.

From the site:
The Houston Chowhounds are back to host Houston's second ever Miracle Berry Flavor Tripping party @ St. Arnold Brewery, our city's favorite microbrewery located right outside the loop just 10 miles from downtown. Here's your chance to visit the brewery before they move to their new location downtown in 2024.

A portion of the evening's proceeds will go to the Koonce Family Benefit Fund set up for James and Katharine Koonce who were critically injured in the Brennan's fire during Hurricane Ike.

Your ticket includes 1 miracle berry, a spread of foods specially selected for the flavor tripping, and all-you-can-(safely)drink St. Arnold's beer! There will be 6 beers on tap including their seasonal Oktoberfest beer and the delicious St. Arnold Root beer too!

All you can drink microbrew + wacky berry-induced tastebud tripping = the perfect combination for a raucously fun evening Willy Wonka style! Miracle berry tablets will also be available for purchase at the event.

There are a limited number of tickets for this event. The party will sell out so don't be left out!

Click here for tickets and details:



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