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Tuesday, November 4, 2024

The Music Crumudgeon's 2024 Presidential Endorsement!!

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 5:42 AM

A Message from the Free Press Houston Editorial Board:
Before the Music Crumudgeon makes his endorsement we'd like to address the error in yesterday's post. In it, Mr. Medina made an egregious error - misidentifying Dannzig as consisting wholly of Jonbenet members. I'd like to assure you that we here at the Free Press strive for the highest in journalism standards and that our editorial board fastidiously checks all the facts that are stated in this blog. With rare exception, one will slip though the crack. Yesterday's error was one such anomaly (though I will add that my esteemed colleague, Ann Sexton, did in-fact catch the error but her e-mail did not arrive in time). Therefore, on behalf of myself Phillip Roth, Anne Sexton, and the rest of the Free Press Board we'd like to offer our sincerest apologies for the error and will vow to you, our readers, to assure that writers like Mr. Medina do not sully our good name with such sloppy and misinformed articles.

Thank You and please enjoy the following thoroughly vetted article on today's election,
George Plimpton
(Free Press Editorial Board)

Thank you George. Readers, here it is 2024 and we are facing one of the most important elections facing this country and therefore I, after careful consideration to each side's stances and character, would like to endorse

Ulysses S. Grant (left) for president.

Sure Greely a nice guy and all but after watching Grant knock back every single bottle of bourbon at Poison Girl last week and then score some serious points on pinball, I thought "That's who I want in the oval office!"

So remember when you go vote today vote U.S. GRANT!

Election Day Polling Locations on the Chronicle site (Link)


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