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Friday, November 7, 2024

The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of November 7th 2024

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:01 AM

The Shack is back for one show!!!

A Tribute to Johnny Romano,
featuring Sugar Shack, Teisco Del Rey, The Neptones, Luxurious Panthers, Uncle Charlie, surf/skate art auction, & more
@ The Continental Club/Sig's Lagoon (EARLY SHOW 1-6PM $10, kids free)
PLUS!! Hear Sugar Shack yack it up on The Revelry Report on Friday 6pm on KTRU 91.7fm
If you didn't read our article on Sugar Shack this month in the Free Press, we invite you to go back and read it here (link). The Shack had been one of Houston's most valuable exports and here, for a damn good cause, they are re-uniting. Drummer Stephanie Paige Friedman explains the reunion in the article:
“Our son does surf contests in Galveston and we found out through a blog last summer that one of the kids (Johnny Romano) had Leukemia...I gave blood but what they needed was money. So we thought what can we do? We thought this would be a good reason to get back together and it just snowballed from there. Unfortunately, Johnny passed away on September 23rd. Then Ike hit Galveston and his family and friends' homes were demolished. All these events just sunk these people into a depression and we said Let’s do this to give a break to the misery around these people who are surrounded by grief and tragedy."

It's gonna be quite the afternoon of garage, rockabilly, and (appropriately enough) surf!


Friday, November 7

Parts & Labor, UME, Black Congress
@ Walter's on Washington
OMG! This is an amazing line up. First off you have Parts and Labor who are so good live that, to me, the records just pale in comparison. The of course there is UME - Ex-pat Houstonians now residing in Austin - who I swear have one of the most jaw-dropping "Dio Metal sign worthy" guitarists in the Lone Star State. Then you have the incomparable ass whoopin' Black Congress opening? That's non stop awesomeness.

Los Llamarada, Balaclavas, Future Blondes
@ PJ's Sports Bar (614 W. Gray)

PLUS!!! Hear Los Llamarada & Balaclavas on the Revelry Report at 6PM on KTRU 91.7fm
OMG! OMG! Los Llanarada kicks out some crazy-ass psychy / post-punky / low-fi shit for Mexico that will make your head implode! Then throw in the ever brilliant Balaclavas! Seriously, if you've not heard this band you are missing out on one of Houston's most amazing and original bands. As for Future Blondes, I think the name of international jetsetter Domokos is all I have to say.

w/DJ Black Slacks, Psychedelic Sex Panther, Andrew Lee
@ Rudyard's
OMG! OMG! OMG! This is also going to be great. Cynics had me weeping from laughter on last week's Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour in a prerecorded interview. Hopefully that will be podcast in it's entirety sometime. But seriously this is going to be Garage rock sweetness. From the insanity of the Cynics, to the more groovy Ugly Beats, to the more mellow laid back Guitars whose 3 song EP is spinning right as I type this in all it's jangly goodness.

The Art Guys Silver Jubilee Show, featuring
Two Star Symphony, Glenna Bell, Brave Combo, Ralph Carney, The Dark Bob, Dave Dove/Lucas Gorham, Jad Fair, Kanude, Loreta Kovacic, Deborah Moore, Jimmy Pizzitola, Rockmore, Sonny Smith, & John "Red" Trower
@ Discovery Green (7-11PM)
OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Two Star Symphony, Brave Combo, ave Dove/Lucas Gorham... Holy crap Jad Fair!!! That's some awesome free outdoor show stuff!

C-Town, Fixture
@ Boondocks

I'm gonna venture to guess we're talking DJs

Buckethead, That 1 Guy
@ The Meridian
That reminds me the new Guns and Roses single sucks much more than I could have imagined.

Pepi Ginsberg, Airon Paul Dugas
@ The Mink

Pleasant background music is how I'd describe Ginsberg's folk music. Local favorite APD opens.

Lordi, Lizzy Borden, Stolen Babie
@ House of Blues (6PM)
Remember that terrible metal band in GWAR-esque outfits that won that Eurovision Award a few years back? Well, they are playing Houston tonight. Sure, like GWAR, the music is god awful but I somehow would think this is more about spectacle than music.

Saturday, November 8

Secret Saturday Show
One Year Anniversary
@ The Shady Tavern (12-7PM)
Hooray SSS turns one year old. Shhhh..OK, It's not so secret this week. Gig it! Welfare Mothers, the McKenzies, Judas Bear,Darwins Finches, Nosaprise, Awake,and a few surprises

Patt Todd & the Rank Outsiders, Hickoids, Born Liars, Stevie Tombstone
@ Rudyard's
PLUS!!! Hickoids & Stevie Tombstone
@ Cactus Music (1:00 PM)
Patt Todd (Ex-Lazy Cowgirls), the cow punk masters the Hickoids, and our own ass whoopin' Born Liars will mean one insane evening of bad ass rock and roll! Kick out the jams motherfuckers! You can also kick off your day with an early performance of half the bands over at Cactus. Ahh, Free St. Arnold's beer at 1PM! Yes!

Jad Fair
EARLY @ The Art Guys Big White Room (5757 Knox) (1-5PM)
LATE @ The Mink (8PM)
It's like Jad Fair is everywhere! Damn! Thankfully, Jad Fair is still making weird wonderful music and did you know he will record a song for you for $300? I kid you not. (I wonder if Joe Mathlete hasn't considered a similar idea?) Check it out on the linked website along with free album downloads and his Jaddy Fairy art.

After-ween benefit fro Baby Ramsey Featuring Fredster, Bobby DJ, Damon Allen, Grrrl Parts and More
@ Bootleg Studios (2301 Commerce)
11PM $10

This was just posted on Hands Up Houston:
Ramsey was diagnosed at his 6 month appointment with a cranial disorder called plagiocephaly. Although it is not a life threatening disorder, it has life altering effects. Not only will he have cranial and facial deformities but also vision impairment, life long-jaw issues, and learning disabilities – to name a few. If left untreated he will eventually have to undergo risky cranial surgery. This can all be prevented with 10 weeks of treatment with a Doc Band. Ramsey was diagnosed with severe right plagiocephaly and Congenital Muscular Torticollis and after several months of physical therapy being ineffective, it was determined by experts in the field that this condition will not "fix it self" as my insurance has indicated and it is also not a "cosmetic procedure" as indicated also by my insurance as reasoning why they are not covering his treatment. The Cranial Doc Band has had great results without invasive cranial surgery but it will only work during a short period of time during infancy, after a certain time the doc band will be ineffective in correcting the disorder. The benefit hosted by BOOTLEG STUDIO is to attribute funding towards Ramsey treatment. Any contribution towards helping Ramsey is greatly appreciated. Please come out, show support, and have a great time.

Bird Peterson, Go Go Garcia
@ Boondocks

DJ's! Boondocks! Now Dance!

Minus The Bear, Annuals
@ The House of Blues
PLUS!!! Annuals
@ Cactus Music (4PM)
Oh sure, you could see Annuals tonight with Minus The Bear at the House of Blues but will House of Blues provide free Saint Arnold's Beer? I thought not. Who loves ya baby? Cactus, that's who.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Lee Boys
@ Warehouse Live
One of NOLA's finest grace the warehouse.

Houston Metal Fest, featuring
Pinhed, Nhuvasarim, Cerebral Down, Epic, Surrealism, Blind Sanctity, Green Shoe Polish, Cerebral Rot, Ninth Kingdom, Lamb To The Slaughter, 28th St., Anguish In Exile, Chaos With A Smile, Krank Shaft, Rated E The Band, Vehement, Dismembered, The Forbidden Vista, Virus, What Lies Beneath, Bloodvoid, Brutally Mutilated, Burn The Sky, FleshHook, Bludstreem, Lycophile, Temple Of Wrath, Last Rosary, Cain Was Able, Insidious Decrepancy, DeadTrip, Predominant Mortification, In The Trench, Obsidian Throne, Paegan, BloodRequiem, Burn The Wicked, & more
@ The Meridian
OK this is a lot of bands. I'm gonna guess (since that new music player on Myspace is so freaking slow) that there has to be at least one good band in all of this.

Sunday, November 9

Agent Orange, Dickey Hands, Crows Feet, Riot Up Front
@ The Meridian
Old school Cali Punkers...with one original member.

Monday, November 10

Oh Boondocks' Monday Night's are so awesome. This week Indie Pop sweethearts The Western Civ. (which includes Gretchen Schmaltz) return from the glorious tour. And you may wonder who is Cedar Boy Bailey? Well, it's none other than Sergio Trevino of Buxton and I'll say I'm both thrilled at hearing the tracks up on his myspace and annoyed. Thrilled because they are wonderful songs and it's great stuff that makes you admire how overflowing with ideas the Buxton lads are. Pissed because damn it, where is that follow-up Buxton album! If this is any indication, it's gonna smoke!

SBach, Motion Turns It On, Stove Blow
@ The Mink

Fans of Hella may get a kick out of Spencer Seim Video Game music alter ego SBach. If that's not enough there's the musical gymnastics of Motion Turns It On.

Tom Gabel/Chuck Ragan/Ben Nichols/Tim Barry/Kevin Seconds
@ Walter's on Washington

PLUS!!! Tom Gabel
@ Cactus Music (2PM)

Read the details about this show on Superunison's website. I'm sure if you've never heard these guys before; this extensive and exhaustive write-up of these artists is sure to get you running out of the house. (Link)

Tuesday, November 11

Via Audio, The Factory Party, The McKenzies, Grrrl Parts,
@ The Mink
Mckenzies! For the love of god, if there was ever a band that needs to get some serious studio time it's the McKenzies. Board mixes do their pop bootie-shaking goodness no justice!

Wednesday, November 12

Of Montreal, Icy Demons
@ Warehouse Live
Of Montreal still suck huge Outback sized balls in my book but some of you people really like them so I figure I'd mention it.


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