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Wednesday, March 18, 2024


posted by april5k @ 9:04 AM

Alright, I'm gonna make this as quick as I can. SXSW is out there and it's calling my name. Oh but before I dive in, I saw Deer Tick at Cactus last night, yelled out "Diamond Rings" and they played it, and they KICKED ASS. Also, check out the Condo Fucks record (on Matador) if you get a chance. Alright, let's go.

I am going to be self-aggrandizingly blunt and suggest you go to the Kevin Seconds, Kepi Ghoulie, Lenny Briscoe and (last-minute addition) Delta Block show at The Mink. Lenny's stand-in bass player is a fox...of the Micheal J. variety. Alright, if it wasn't SXSW west week I would be going to the Sew What, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Samuel Doores show and Sedition Books. But it is and were I not wrangling foxes, I would without a doubt be at Rudyard's for Crystal Stilts, Women, and Chase Hamblin, definitely definitely a fine show. The Meridian's got Airborne Toxic Event and Alberta Cross tonight. Notsuoh has The Ignorant and The Frontier Needs Heroes. SHFL brings you Afuche, Intercept, Amo Joy and The Lonely H. And finally, from the worth mentioning pile you've got Free Radicals at Avant Garden. Everything else is just embarrassing.

Before you OD on the irony with Elton John and Billy Joel at Toyota Center stop by SoundEx at 7pm for The Mathletes and One Happy Island. If you're not down with the piano pop you've got The Motion Sick at Nostuoh and Canja Rave and CLP at SHFL. Is there really nothing going on at Rudz?

If you're actually still here on Friday you should go live it up at Rudyard's with Born Liars and Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders. For cleaner living souls you've got The Western Civilization at The mink with Conversations with Enemies, Gretchen Schmaltz and Mothertone. The White Swan has Tax the Wolf, B.L.A.C.K.I.E. and Desmond Zavala, an all round solid local show. If you understand any of the following: Archaic 3, U Not I, Redlix, Bows and Arrows, and bythetimeyoureadthis; then Walter's is the place for you. Or try this one: Chin Xaou Ti Won, The They, Accoustic Muzak, Carlos Pozo, TEF, and Serum Fantis. Got it? Then go to Notsuoh. Oh and Kinky Friedman is at the Mucky Duck. B.T.W.

Still here!? Wow. Ok well, might I suggest Phosphorescent with listenlisten at The Orange Show? Better than not being in Austin, for sure. Also, you probably won't go wrong with Andrew Bird and Heartless Bastards at House of Blues. For my money I'd say you'd go wrong with Thursday at Verizon, but hey, who am I to judge? I have not idea what's going on with the random band explosion at The Meridian but you've go Martin Atkins, The Queers, Los Skarnales, Simpleton (they're still around!?), The Cute Lepers, BPC, Chant and Whorehound. Maybe this is on two different stages? I dunno. Rudyard's brings you Skeleton Witch (not Dick), Kylesa, and Black Tusk. Fiery Furnace Amanda Palmer brings it to House of Blues and that will probably pretty good as well.

I gotta say I hope that I'm back in time because there are quite a few ace shows on Sunday. Most exciting for me personally is the return of Airon Paul Dugas at The Mink with The Crash Kings and Paris Falls. Ooooooh then also exciting for me is the show at Super Happy Fun Land. You've got Talk Normal, US Girls, Sgt Dunbar & The Hobo Banned, Golden Animals, and focus of my stokedness Boo & Boo Too. Ugh, and then there's Japanther, THEART, Muhammid Ali (arrrrrgh), Fat Tony, Female Demand, Caddywhompus, and My Name is John Michael at Caroline Collective. Not stressing me out as much are these shows...Star Fucking Hipsters (ex-Leftover Crack and Chocking Victims, oh my favorites!), Molotov Compromise, O Pioneers!!!, Blackmarket Sydnicate and Rats in the Attic at Walter's; Bogart and the Addictives with Gospel Gossip at Notsuoh; TK Webb & The Visions with Appomattoxrun at Rudz, The Texas Metal Fest featuring Carcass at The Meridian, and Silence Amongst Chaos at The White Swan. Oh and AIDS Wolf with Fiasco, Cop Warmth and B.L.A.C.K.I.E. (versus?) at Numbers will be hot as will ZZ Top at Reliant.

Rock like you're in an iPod commercial with Chairlift, Yacht and The Tontons at Warehouse or go to SHFL for Drew Danburry, Viking Moses, The Wild Moccasins, The Pictish Trail, Golden Ghost, Rozi Plain, and The Deep Sea Goes. Your choice.

SHFL's got Ginsu Wives (that's silly!), Mose Giganticus, and Rainbows in Your Wildest Dreams and Rudyard's has got The Moaners. Don't like those? Go to Alvin Bowling Center for The Ghost Stories, Unzipped, The Fuct, and Campfire Stories. It's story time, obvs.

Alright, I'm getting the hell out of here, Austin is calling, yo.


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