Thursday, May 28, 2024

Black Metal Priestess Elaine Greer discusses her new EP with The Free Press

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Elaine Greer has long been one of Black Metal's most engaging performers. Her ferocious 8 octave range and blazing fast solos are only matched by her bloody and vicious stage performances - performances that usually end in riots and have been banned in 7 EU countries. Be it burning churches in Scandinavia or murdering bandmates for falling short of Black Metal's ideals, Greer is not to be taken lightly. We spoke with Greer in her Fortress of Solitude in Oulu, Finland about her new CD.

FPH: Your new album cover "Making Plans and Going Places" is very dark. What are you trying to convey with such violent and disturbing imagery?

EG: Death, mostly.

FPH: Is it true that for Austin, Travis,and Andrew to join your band that they had to drink goat's blood and participate in a Black Mass?

EG: Yes. they didn't mind much though.

FPH: How many Churches have you burned down in the name of Odin?

EG: 86

If you are metal enough for the rest of the interview follow the link to the music section (Link)



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Black Metal Priestess Elaine Greer ---- AMAZING.


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