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Saturday, June 20, 2024

Punk This: Double Dagger at SHFL 6/23

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Brigitte B. Zabak

I know what all you folks out there in the Houston music scene must be thinking right about now. It probably involves something along the lines of – “What the hell does she know about punk music when all she writes about is indie this and indie that?” Well, while my knowledge of punk, post-punk, and pseudo punk is limited in scope, I am still fairly confident in my ability to know when music is good and when it ranks up there with American Idol rejects.

In recent weeks, I have had the good fortune of discovering the existence of a trio from Baltimore that makes lots and lots of noise without all the bullshit. Double Dagger is a three piece ensemble that utilizes drums, bass and vocals to create more volume than should be possible when using so little instrumentation. The nerd-centric crew has an impressive background in graphic design and has channeled their inherent visual creativity into its very geeky and loud auditory counterpart.

What is even more appealing about Double Dagger is the high praise they have been receiving for their live performances. They are a band who has mastered the ability to translate their erratic, improvised live goodness into the more structured medium of recording and still manage to maintain a high level of quality on both fronts. And while it’s awesome to be able to have the Double D with you wherever you go – it is really in their live performance that you get to experience the layered texture and sheer volume of their music.

Double Dagger has embarked on a pretty extensive summer tour and will be stopping by ye old Houston to share the stage with two of the city’s loudest and rowdiest bands. Muhammid Ali is quickly becoming one of Houston’s favorite new acts. Their live shows are energetic and fun and their music is a sort of power punk/pop hybrid that is hard to stop listening to once you’ve started. Black Congress is comprised of some of Houston’s most influential veteran musicians and rounds out this trifecta of sound with their cacophonous clusterfuck of infinite proportions.

Combining Double Dagger’s stinging punch with the riotous roar of Black Congress and Muhammid Ali will probably result in night filled with drunken, garbled mayhem – most likely perpetrated by the bands themselves. It should be a night to remember, assuming you don’t drink yourself into an alcoholic stupor at some point during the event.

Double Dagger and company will be performing on Tuesday, June 23rd at the new and improved Super Happy Fun Land now located at 3801 Polk. In addition to the already awesome lineup, the show will be the official kick-off for Muhammid Ali’s summer tour. The show will start promptly at 9 p.m. and should end close to midnight. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $7.


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