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Tuesday , December 24 2013
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Travis Boyer Presents and Audience Engaging Dip Dye Performance


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Art is many things. I won’t list them here because you already know. Travis Boyer is taking art to a level I have never seen. On Saturday, he will provide a space for participants to help create a work of art and a little take home for themselves. He will place a bucket of indigo bye and place it in the center of a large canvas he will place on the ground. He will then ask the audience participants to dip any cloth they brought to the event, it could be a blanket, a shirt, a pair of socks then watch as the drips and trails and splashes create a unique piece of abstract art. You get the keep the piece that you dip dyed and be a part of a beautiful master piece.

Travis Boyer has done audience participation pieces before. In 2012 in Fire Island he orchestrated performance piece where the audience was paired off and they created blind drawings of each other. Art truly is for the people when Travis Boyer is facilitating it.
What: Audience Engaging Dip Dye Performance by Travis Boyer
When: November 16th 12-5pm
Where: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
5216 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
Admission: Free, as always!
Website: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Contemporary Art Dip Dye

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