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Friday , September 27 2013
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Rothko Chapel Meditation Series

Rothko Chapel
With all the stress of daily life in the city, it helps to take a moment or two to sit still and breathe. At the beginning of March, the community will draw together for an opportunity to relax and reflect with The Rothko Chapel’s 12 Moments of Spirituality and Healing. The Rothko Chapel is described by Michelle Ashton, Public Programs ... Read More »

Poetry In Historic Emancipation Park


Leon casino, “Voices and thoughts will be expressed and it’s going to be a poetic, acoustic twist,” said Kris Smith, curator of the Poetic Park event held at Emancipation Park this Saturday February 23rd, 2013 from 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. “The purpose of this event is to give every poet a chance to shine, especially, those who have never performed for ... Read More »

Twenty-first Century Spin On Lovecraft’s Cthulhu


“Shit! Fuck! Shit!” was Professor Derleth’s boisterous outburst in the beginning reel and the later act. Cthulhu: A Puppet Play presented at 14 Pews, was a humorous yet grotesque play that incorporated live instruments, sound effects and  film in addition to the puppet and puppeteers. In the beginning, Professor Derleth purchases an object that he then researches intensely as the ... Read More »

LCB Army Invades Houston

Lower Class Brats

“I’m addicted to Oi!” Bones cries out to the crowd with sweat pouring down his face. The crowd ignites and the floor begins to move. Described as “insane punk rock n’ roll and a pit of unbridaled chaos,” Lower Class Brats, an underground street punk rock band from Austin, will be performing live this Friday, February 1 at Fitzgerald‘s with ... Read More »

The Duplicity of Fluoride Revealed

Fluoride Free Houston bumper sticker

“We aren’t going away and we want to make sure the mayor knows it.” -Derrick Broze, Fluoride Free Houston In an effort to move away from the preconceived ideas and conspiracy theories associated with fluoridation of the water system, Fluoride Free Houston is inviting the community out for a potluck and a screening of the documentary “The Fluoride Deception” by ... Read More »

H.P. Lovecraft Inspires “Creepy” Puppet Play

Cthulhu Hand Parchment

Like weird and twisted  horror/mystery stories by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft? Hell yea! Explore the original puppet play based on the dark stories of Lovecraft, called “Cthulhu: A Puppet Play”. The play is an alluring tale of deception and the fine line between delusions and reality. “A professor purchases an object on one of those auction shows and becomes ... Read More »

The Endurance of Life and Art Represent Mexican Struggles

Fernando Brito, Untitled from Tus Pasos se Perdieron con el Paisaje, 2010-2012

An artistic expression of images that capture the native perspective of the Mexican war on drugs will begin on Friday, February 1 at Fotofest. Cronicas will feature seven contemporary artists using their art as a voice speaking against the violent and devastating conflict. The exhibit will reference and uncover the decades-long battle,the effect it has on the people of Mexico, and ... Read More »

Brain Science to Encourage Arts in Curriculum


“Every human being is creative–it’s not a gift; it’s not a luxury; it’s an integral part of our cognitive make-up.  Because we call “creativity” by so many different names, we don’t always fully appreciate the full extent of its presence in our lives.  The arts belong back in schools because they’re among the effective, efficient, and powerful ways to nurture ... Read More »

Ska Music Unites From Across The Pond

The English Beat

Best described as mathematical, chaotic control with classic ska rhythms and soulful horns, The English Beat is explosive and methodical in their live performance. Audiences will be indulging in the caressing sounds of The Beat with local ska-punk band Always Guilty this Thursday, January 17th at Warehouse Live. Formed in 1978 out of Birminghamin, England, The English Beat quickly rose ... Read More »

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