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Friday , September 27 2024
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An Artist Talks The Progress of Love

Courtesy of The Menil Collection

It is a theme so oft-repeated as to either cause eye-rolls or nausea depending on your level of exasperation and how often you’ve seen (and enjoyed) The Notebook. Nevertheless, love (or, “Love,” if you’re really eager) is a concept artists and musicians return to time and time again in various formats and forms, with success depending largely on the approach and originality ... Read More »

A Very Charlie Brown Christmas, Improv Edition

When you get down to the root of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts you see a child plagued by deep insecurities, a skeptical outlook on life, and extreme early-onset male pattern baldness. It’s reflective of humanity’s ethos that some of the most popular fictional characters are those damaged, beaten heroes that refuse to give in. In a twisted way, that’s what makes ... Read More »

On NSFW, Dilbert, and Cubicles


Here at FPH, we don’t believe in the NSFW tag on principle. Our vague understanding of the term goes as far as acknowledging what’s suitable or not on sight, leaning toward the former judgement in most cases. Unfortunately, in the age of perpetual memes and gifs and Gawker, NSFW has reached a point where it’s an almost meaningless label. Big ... Read More »

Laughing at the End of the World

With only three days to go til the (supposed) end of existence as we know it, we’ve still got a few things to cross off our list. Canoeing down Buffalo Bayou, scaling Memorial City Medical Center to find out what’s on top, and visiting Zone D Erotica, the Galleria area adult shop, all rank near the top. With limited time, ... Read More »

Urge Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee to Hold TSA Accountable

Sikh Coalition

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee is in the midst of contemplating whether or not to sign a letter holding the Transportation Security Administration accountable for racial profiling and discrimination at the airport. Brought forward by collaboration between The Sikh Coalition and the US Congress, the letter is the first step towards fair treatment of all nationalities and ethnicities. Call Jackson’s office within ... Read More »

Hope and Desire Simplifies the Messy Issue of Existence

Photo by Tyler Rudick, courtesy of Hiram Butler Gallery

Longtime Houston artist Joseph Havel’s latest show, Hope and Desire at the Hiram Gallery, consists of just two pieces that highlight his his paradoxical inclination towards simple demonstrations through complex processes. The namesake installation is a wall of ten flat, plexiglass boxes filled with over 40,000 clothing labels with either “hope” or “desire” embroidered on each one. Dense yet simple, ... Read More »

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