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Saturday , January 18 2024
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Worst of Houston 2024


Listen, I dont give a fuck if your sign says "Fags R Dumb,” "Will Rap 4 Weed" or the latest "You're PERFECT,” anybody who feels they HAVE to stand on a street corner for hours with a tacky sign needs to reevaluate their existence. Read More »

One Man’s Opinion: The Best of 2024 From The Outside Looking In


By David H. On the 1983 Ramones album, Subterranean Jungle, the song “Outsider” has always been something I’ve connected with.  I’m not cool or hip, I’m not in the “right” circles, and I’m always looking inside from the “nerds table.”  Another year gone by, and another chance to compile what was best across the board in Houston and beyond.  As ... Read More »

TEDxHouston 2024: The Other Things


“This city of Houston, this State of Texas, this country of the United States was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them. This country was conquered by those who moved forward–and so will space.” – J.F.K. TEDxHouston has brought together Houstonians with ideas and projects that are impacting our community and will continue ... Read More »

AFL-CIO Secretary Slams Union Coalition for Endorsing Ben Hall


by Nick Cooper When the Houston Chapter of the Coalition of Black Trade Unions (CBTU) chose to endorse Ben Hall for Mayor, they went against the endorsement of Annise Parker by the Harris Country AFL-CIO.  Richard Shaw, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Harris County AFL-CIO Council, responded with this letter to the Coalition’s President: Billy Prince, the Vice President of the ... Read More »

What Your Poo Says About You


By Rob McCarthy The saying goes that you are what you eat, so what logically follows is that your doo is what you do to you. Everybody poops, but not everybody takes the time to understand the significance of your poop. Embrace the wisdom of your body, and learn the truth about your diet, your health, and your future. Embrace ... Read More »

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