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 Kyle Nazario
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Dangerkids Play Warped Tour

Dangerkids Play Warped Tour
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Seriously, what is up with these weirdly racial outfits?

I thought it was a weird fluke when people began wearing post-post-racial Indian headresses to the Free Press Summer Fest. Apparently not, because now the kids are wearing rice paddy hats to Warped Tour. I still don’t get it, but whatever.

Warped Tour was a good time. A full lineup of punk bands and fans packed into a parking lot near Reliant Stadium to rock out.

The management behind punk band Dangerkids was nice enough to offer Warped Tour press passes to Free Press Houston, and I caught their show from the front row.

The impression I got from watching Dangerkids was of an edgier, angrier Linkin Park. If Hybrid Theory had used more screaming and rapping, it would sound like Dangerkids (Sure enough, Linkin Park was cited when I talked to the band).

They put on a good show. Every Dangerkid looked happy to be there and played enthusiastically. Can’t knock them for a good show that ended with singer Andy Bane throwing himself at the crowd.

However, I can’t say I enjoyed the music. Dangerkids plays music that treads no new territory. Their music feels like leftovers from the past 10 years of punk. If you’ve heard Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, or any other band in that genre, you’ve heard Dangerkids.

Doing old stuff is okay if you at least do it well, but Dangerkids don’t do that either. There are other bands who do this style of music better. There’s no real reason to listen to Dangerkids over them.

The end result was mixed. On one hand, I can’t fault their passion for music. On the other, their music didn’t spark any kind of reaction from me. It was the same old stuff I’ve heard a hundred times over. It wasn’t great.

I might recommend this to a serious punk fan looking for a smaller band on its first album. Serious fans of the genre might enjoy this. Few others will.

I feel bad trashing Dangerkids, because their hearts are in the right places. They were super nice when I talked to them. They seem like they care about their music.

Based on their Warped Tour performance, though, Dangerkids were boring.


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