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Thursday , 27 June 2013
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Brick Lover’s Unite! Lego KidsFest May 17-19 in Houston


Whether you have kids, don’t have kids, or have kids yet tend to act like a kid yourself, you’ll be stoked to know that LEGO KidsFest is coming to Houston, May 17-19, 2013  at Reliant Center.

Leon casino, The LEGO Model Museum features Lego models of all shapes and sizes and the LEGO Club and Master Builder Academy workshop is the ultimate initiation into the Master Builder guild (no hazing required).

Live demos by LEGO Master Builders will take place throughout the fest and in the LEGO Challenge Zone families will compete in fast-action activities like speed tower building. Do you have what it takes to win? Better start practicing!

From Race Ramps to Brickscapes, LEGO Games and the ultimate Big Brick Pile- a massive hill of loose bricks- and of course the LEGO KidsFest Marketplace where you can add to your personal home LEGO collection, this is, hands down, a brickhead’s plastic paradise.


Get tickets before all those other little brick brats beat you to it- http://www.legokidsfest.com/houston/activities.html

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