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floods Releases Obscure Bames Remix

floods Releases Obscure Bames Remix
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floods. Photo: Steven Wilkinson


In the world of electronica today, not much shocks me since I feel like I’ve kind of seen it all. There are producers and groups who wear masks, acts who don’t move onstage at all, and artists that drop tracks as fast as some of us breathe.  However, there hasn’t been an electronica act as elusive and different as Houston’s own floods.  The duo, made up of producers birdmagic and android genius, have performed more out of town than in town.  They gained notoriety within the electronic scenes outside of Houston and did so before their debut track was even a week old.  Now as the duo prepares to release their first album — due in the late summer or early fall — they decided to treat FPH to an exclusive remix track they worked on for Austin-based electronica duo Bames.  Done with the consent of the group, floods did what they do best and chose to remix a track that, to my knowledge, is no longer available online.



The remix is of “Bronson,” a track from 2024 that was available before Bames signed to Fool’s Gold Records.  The track exhibits trap and deep bass overtones and some of the classic footwork elements.  The original version was praised by those who heard it and it could certainly be responsible for the duo’s rise to popularity.  The floods version adds a darkness and a weight that wasn’t on the original.  Multiple drum tracks, hints of tropical bass and synth overtones, and multiple synth arrangements can be found all over the remix.  The distinct styles of each member are apparent: birdmagic’s chopped and re-imagined vocals merge seamlessly with android genius’ clap-heavy synths and spaced-out background sounds. The end result is a track that can stand on its own, and in this case, it must since the original is gone from the internet.


The remix, found exclusively here, just adds to the mystery behind the electronic duo.  While we wait for floods to drop their album later this year, keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready for what these two have in store.  While the duo gears up for multiple planned touring dates to take place in the year, give this song a jam while we all wait to see what these two do next.