Leon casino, Kay Weathers. Photo: Pam Ashley


In music today there are multiple versions of genres, that the phrase sub-genre doesn’t really apply. With electro pop, or shoegaze, or even singer songwriter genres, you can think of artists almost immediately. With an artist like Kay Weathers, there’s pretty no way to put your finger on what sound she could be categorized with. Mixing elements of electro pop, indie rock, and pop; her sets are usually a mix of one woman performing by herself with multiple layered tracks while she sings and plays guitar. On her debut EP, last year’s Songs For Lucy, she pushed the bounds of multiple genres while offering up one of the prettiest releases of the year. Now with a set at this year’s FPSF, the solo artist will delight all who catch her perform. Free Press Houston sat down with her to get her take on her sound as well as see what she has up her sleeves for the festival.


Free Press Houston:  Your music is essentially electro pop with guitar and loops.  What genre would you call your music exactly?

Kay Weathers: This is a tough question. I have no idea. I can list tons of bands that have influenced me, but I can’t tell you what I sound like. I’d like to think it’s psych/shoegaze pop? Seriously, I’m stumped.


FPH:  You write, perform, and create all of your music by yourself.  Was that always the plan to do it solo or was it just easier than getting a band together?

Weathers: I actually only write the guitar parts and lyrics. I definitely help choose what other sounds are in each song, but I have to give Josh Applebee credit for the finished products. I didn’t really have a plan on having a band or not. I’ve worked with multiple very talented people in the past, but playing solo is definitely right for me. It is easier in terms of getting everyone together for shows or practice.


FPH:  The debut, Songs For Lucy, was made here in Houston, between staying in Louisiana in a back and forth weekend thing.  Was there ever a time when you questioned why you were travelling so much to make a record when you could’ve worked with a studio in Louisiana instead?

Weathers: No way. Josh is incredible. He’s extremely talented and has a heart of gold. I enjoy working with him very much. As for the drive, I don’t mind it. I have a lot of friends in Houston and love that I can see them as often as I can.


FPH:  I know that the title of the album refers to your cat, Lucy.  Can you explain where that came from and why you chose that as the title?

Weathers: Lucy is my audience. Whenever I write or practice, she jumps on a pa speaker and goes to sleep. I think all my songs are for her.


FPH:  I know you’ve started work on a follow up release, is there a release date for that yet and have you been playing the songs out live at all?

Weathers: I think I’ll keep this one a secret for now.


FPH:  Your live shows are always deep and filled with varying lights and projections while you play guitar over looped tracks.  For the larger stages of FPSF, have you got anything planned to mix things up for your set?

Weathers: I do have some ideas. You’ll have to be there to find out!


You can find out what Kay Weathers will do at this year’s FPSF when she performs on the Saturn stage at 11:10 am on Saturday June 3. The two day festival that features performances from Lorde, The Shins, Solange, Cage The Elephant and many more will make its return to Eleanor Tinsley Park on June 3 and 4. The all ages event with gates opening at 11 am has tickets between $148 and $999.