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Houston bands being considered for a Grammy

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By Alex Wukman

Word came out yesterday that a spate of hometown heroes made it on the long list for a Grammy. According to a post on the ZenHill website Roky Moon and BOLT!, The Sideshow Tramps, The Tontons, The Champion Sisters and Robert Ellis are all up for consideration. All that can be said is: it’s about damn time! Good luck to everyone and, on a personal note, it would be a blast to see the Tramps do John the Revelator live on national TV.

  • RamonLP4

    UGH, why do PR people keep doing this!!!!

    OK first off I love SST and Roky Moon they are great bands and it is no surprise that they meet this low standard for entry (see below) BUT let’s be very clear as to what this is not…. this is not a nomination this simply means their entry has been accepted for consideration for a nomination and as you can see below it’s not a high standard.

    A lot of people don’t know what that means and PR people love to use it to hype bands. That’s OK that’s their job but we should by now know this ploy. So, I’ve included this cut and paste from the Grammy’s own website to elucidate.

    What’s the difference between an entry and a nomination?
    Entries are recordings submitted for GRAMMY consideration. Entries that meet all eligibility requirements are then voted on by The Academy’s voting members and the results of that vote are the nominations.

    What are the eligibility requirements?
    For the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, albums must be released between Oct. 1, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2011. Recordings must be in general distribution in the United States, i.e. sales by label to a branch or recognized independent distributor, via the Internet, or mail order/retail sales for a nationally marketed product.