Leon casino, The Duggar Family in El Salvador. Photo: Lwp Kommunikáció

Note: The author is whiter than a They Might Be Giants concert.

Like all good beta cucks, I like to open my morning with a trip to David Futrelle’s We Hunted the Mammoth, just to make sure my marching orders to eliminate America are all correct. If cultural Marxism is to succeed, it must be meticulous, after all.

That was all sarcasm, by the by.

I did read one of Futrelle’s fun explorations of the ickier sides of the manosphere last week, though. In a piece called “White people! Save your race by becoming ‘loud, fertile xenophobes,’ loud xenophobe urges,” he chronicles the Twitter rantings of prominent Nazi Paul Hominid. Hominid, like a lot of white supremacist, urges all white women in the world to immediately get pregnant as often as possible if the white race is to be preserved against the “raw power of POC birth rates.”

Birth is a weird fixation for a lot of bigots. You ever hear of the quiverful movement? People like the Duggar family who believe a woman should basically keep having children until her uterus turns inside-out like you’re sewing a sleeve? Explore the foundation of that movement and you will find out it has nothing to do with babies being the glory of God’s creation and everything to do with “WE MUST OUTBREED THE MOOSLEMS OR THEY WILL CONSUME US ALL!”

It’s weaponized reproduction with two aims. The first is to keep women perpetually pregnant, and therefore out of power. We’ll discuss that another day. The second is the preservation of the white race and the Western way of life, as these dinguses understand it at any rate.

I really don’t care if the white race goes extinct.

No, seriously. The idea of humanity descending into that vaguely brown race from that South Park episode fills me with an enormous “meh.” A future without white people or where they are an ethnic minority doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Whiteness is only an identity for one kind of people: racists. Our entire culture is set up to portray whiteness as the default, so white people don’t generally identify as white like other races do except when asked about it on a form. There’s no need to have someone look at the world through a white lens because white people control nearly all the lenses already.

So when someone becomes fixated on whiteness as a thing in need of preservation, they are doing that in response to a fear of encroachment. I made that cuck joke in the opening paragraph for a reason. People obsessed with the ideas of alphas, betas, and cucks are generally freaking out over the idea of black men putting their peeners in white women. It’s an old racist idea going back well into the early 20th century. The image of black men as animalistic fuck machines who could satisfy the wanton cravings of white women is an ancient dog whistle. It speaks to racism, women as possessions, white fragility, fear of emasculation, etc. etc. ad infinitum.

I’ve got no use for that nonsense.

The recurring theme in this brand of far-right conservatism is a mindless fear of the Other. Blacks as animalistic. Muslims as barbaric. Whatever. Other races are seen as a pollutant in the gene pool.

Know what my daughter thinks of when she considers miscegenation? The 44th president of the United States. Barack Obama is what happens when a white lady from Kansas reproduces with a dude from Kenya and their kid gets partially raised in Indonesia. In other words, an incredibly intelligent and well-read man who also happened to ascend to the highest office in his mother’s country.

It’s really hard to feel fear of the erasure of whiteness when that’s your prime example. Look, white people have done great things. I can celebrate the brilliance of Columbus, the navigator, and decry Columbus, the native people eradicator, at the same time. It’s called nuanced, y’all.

But my daughter’s whiteness is literally the least important thing about her I hope to pass on. I hope she inherits a knowledge of inequality, and what we must do to combat it. I hope she gets the concept of fairness. I hope she realizes that people should be judge not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. None of that requires my grandchildren or my great-grandchildren or my great-great-grandchildren to be mostly or even partially white.

There’s just nothing about being white particularly worth preserving. Ideas and morals are what matters, and those have no color.