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Friday , September 20 2013
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Electric Attitude - “Skintight & Solid Gold”


Album titles are normally a throw-away ordeal, especially these days. I mean, I just reviewed an album called The Silver Gymnasium. What the fuck does that mean? An interview with the band probably would provide me with answer that made me sorry that I even asked.

But Electric Attitude’s debut full-length has a title that fits perfectly, just like a glove. Possibly Michael Jackson’s trademark white gloves. Skintight & Solid Gold is an album-length funk jam filled with innuendo, horns and a whole lot of low-end thunder. Opener “No One Else” starts off the session with a wailing wah-wah bass intro, kicking off an impressive tone of constant vamping and grooving that pervades the album. Even though there are discrete songs, and they do not necessarily fade into each other, each song has such unstoppable momentum the succession of tracks feels like a non-stop dance party. Even after the music stops, there remains the irresistible urge to continue tapping your feet.

Even though their grounding is in funk and soul, songs like “Godzilla” show a strong ability for crossovers and cross-genre appeal. True, the song includes their tell-tale horns and funk flare, but the guitar playing smacks of post-punk revivalist darlings Two Door Cinema Club, who have had monumental success on the radio and playing the live circuit. Electric attitude is definitely more than merely the sum of their influences.

Other winning tracks include “Manic,” “Fierce,” and “Don’t Walk Away.” And unlike many local releases, if you have a subscription Spotify, it is readily available for your streaming pleasure.

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