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Saturday , January 18 2014
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Worst of Houston 2013

Listen, I dont give a fuck if your sign says "Fags R Dumb,” "Will Rap 4 Weed" or the latest "You're PERFECT,” anybody who feels they HAVE to stand on a street corner for hours with a tacky sign needs to reevaluate their existence. Read More »

Dome of Doom: The Future of the Houston Astrodome

By Amanda Hart Photos by Richard Ramirez II  In 1965, the world’s first doomed multipurpose building was born right here in Houston. Sorry, did I say doomed? I meant domed. The dooming part came decades later when the “eighth wonder of the world” sat unused and unmaintained for countless years. The Astrodome in its heyday was proof that Houston was ... Read More »

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