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Westheimer Block Party April 12th

Westheimer Block Party April 12th, 2024
12PM- 12AM
300-500 Block of Westheimer

The Westheimer Block Party rears its ugly head again this spring with a celebration of local music, art, and other things full of awesome-ness. This spring's block party will host not only the usual revelry of 50 bands, 6 stages, loads of artists and their installations, but will also hosts events into the evening. To close the evening, Free Press will host And you will know us by the Trail of Dead and several local favorites ( just 10 bux) inside Numbers. Like always, the fest is free and will be located at the 300-500 block of Westheimer. Last November’s Block Party was our most successful with more than 4,000 attendees, excellent local reviews, and a great time had by all. Nonetheless, this spring’s event will host a slew of new elements with an expanded underground arts show, a canned food drive, and our best musical line-up yet. Stages will be hosted at Number’s, Avant Garden, La Strada, and Mangos Cantina. Interspersed between all the great local music will be live painting, exhibits of all sorts, and many ‘cash and carry’ artist booths.

Ultimately, this day is going to be so magical you may change your religion and question your own sexuality. We expect nothing less.

Bands slated to play:

Satin Hooks
Spain Colored Orange
The Dimes (Young Mammals)
By the end of tonight
Perseph One
Thee Armada
Sideshow Tramps
Elaine Greer
Piano Vines
Mechanical Boy
Mexican War Band
News on the March
Tha Fucking Transmissions
Opie Hendrix
Basses Loaded
Estudiantes Social Club
Oh Pioneers!
Sabra Laval
Literary Greats
Karina Nistal
Giant Battle Monster
Electric Touch
Micah Omega
Southern Backtones
The Takes
Release the controls
Closet City
Poison Apple Martini
Generation Landslide
JD's Throwdown
and Many More TBA

Artists presentations by:

Matt Messinger
Shelby Hohl
Brittany Bly
Tim Dorsey
Jacob Calle
Estudiantes Social Club
Houston Comic and Zine Fest
Eli Brumbaugh
and shit-tons mas!


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