Thursday, January 29, 2024

Westheimer Block Party Spring 09 Lineup

We are really looking forward to the March 28th Westheimer Block Party and have been burning the midnight oil to bring you a legit arts and music festival. We have expanded the evening portion by hosting multiple national artists at multiple venues. The day event is free as always and you can see 100+ great, local and regional bands for FREE.
However, the sooperdooper-clutchtastic-aces-boss-batshitcrazy-whips-kick you in the pancreas-tight evening portion of the event which hosts nationals paired with local greats will require a wristband. So, in an effort to avoid slight sticker shock we would like to explain our motives and intentions: We hope to snowball the block party into a legitimate arts and music festival and marquee event for the city. Ambitious? Yes. Risky? Yes? But we have an undying faith in this city, our community, and the potential for big, wonderful things to happen. We are exceedingly proud of the lineup we have put together and are stoked about Valient Thorr, St.Vincent, Devin the Dude, HEALTH, The Show is the Rainbow,Belaire and the many other bands lined up for the spring festival. So folks, you have our solemn promise that if we can make this happen together, we will give this city the real festival we have always dreamed of.


St. Vincent
Valient Thorr
Devin the Dude
The Show is the Rainbow
Daniel Francis Doyle
The Eastern Sea
Fat Tony
The Riff Tiffs
Factory Party
Wild Mocassins
GhostTown Electric
American Fangs
Windsor Drive
Cee Plus

Thursday, January 8, 2024

Save the date: Next Block Party March 28th.

photo by Pixeltopia

Hey Kids- The next Westheimer Block Party is Saturday March 28th and we have
some serious tricks up our sleeve. Expect some clutch_ass_clutch surprises....