Recently Free Press Houston reported on a trio of concertgoers at White Oak Music Hall who attended wearing various white supremacy apparel. James McCarty, “Crusty” Chuck Prudhomme and Amanda Moen (vocalist, Saint Crusher) showed up in white vests and patches with various white pride slogans and showing allegiance to Good Night Left Side, a movement with ties to neo-Nazis. They were confronted by Gen Why singer and guitarist James McDowell II, who threw a drink at them. A fight almost started, but the trio was asked to leave by White Oak Music Hall management.

Since the story went live, some of the people involved have issued statements. Amanda Moen spent most of her time online since the incident defending herself from accusations of racism by friends. Eventually, she declared she was no longer affiliated with Good Night Left Side.

“Ok, so here it is. I am disassociating myself from Good Night Left Side. My whole reasoning for being a part of this was to promote being a better version of oneself no matter who you are. It was absolutely not to convey any sort of racism of any kind. I do not agree with anyone wearing white pride patches and I never ever did. I have not a racist bone in my body.

If the entire point I was trying to convey about respect for yourself and the people around you is lost because of information about me that has been misconstrued then the whole idea of this group is pointless. I hope that you all can see past the hate talk about me and realize that you know me and you know that I would never be about something as horrific as supporting anything that has to do with racism or anything of that nature.

I am truly sorry for anyone that may have been hurt by this over the last few days. I know a lot of people were misinformed and what happened at White Oak looked bad. It was taken out if context and I was not aware of the patches that some people decided to wear, nor did I agree with this to any extent. Unfortunately, I cannot control other people’s behavior or actions, but I can be accountable for myself and my own actions and I am doing so right now. Please know that I am no longer a part of Good Night Left Side and will not be associating with them in the future. I hope that anyone I may have hurt can forgive me as that was in no way my intention. It would be greatly appreciated if you all could pass this information along.”

Also implicated in the article was Herber Martinez, who McDowell said was associating with the trio at the club prior to his confrontation, and who the piece revealed was arrested for animal cruelty in 2024 following an incident where he decapitated a cat. Martinez messaged the author via Facebook to deny any affiliation with white pride organizations.

“Hey you, I am no white supremacist. In fact, when talking to Amanda, I didn’t notice her back patch until I saw it on James’ post in which I immediately responded by deleting and blocking her cracker ass, but I see that you Yacubians love a good fucking story. First off, I’m an immigrant who’s outspokenly against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia. If there’s one thing I don’t trust on this planet, it’s your filthy race of cave beast Yacubians always spreading lies and targeting p.o.c. So, before you or any of you white boys label me a fucking racist. Get your facts straight. Remove my name or I will be taking legal action for slander.”

Martinez also sent a photo of a Black Panther pin he wears on his vest. For those confused by the term “Yacubian,” it’s in reference to a Nation of Islam belief that a black scientist created white people 6,000 years in the past, and it is typically slang for bad Caucasian behavior. Though the author is indeed white, Omar Afra, the publisher of Free Press Houston, is a Lebanese-Iraqi Muslim, and he assigned and approved the original story.

Martinez continues:

“I fear nobody, especially not some fucking snowmen. I’ve been fighting y’all all my life without fear. I wasn’t the only one speaking with her But apparently my white friend gets a free pass right? I have dealt with hatred my whole life and for me to be pigeonholed with something I have pure hatred for is disgusting.”

To date, there has been no statement from McCarty or Prudhomme. A reader who asked not to be quoted by name said Prudhomme claimed his vest was “trolling.”

Free Press Houston stands by its statement that white supremacists have no place in the Houston music scene.