Sunday, July 29, 2007


Leon casino,

by Michael Bergeron

Another film broke during its initial preview screening. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry snapped during a scene where Dan Aykroyd was lecturing Adam Sandler and Kevin James. When the film started again about five minutes later there was Jessica Biel in a montage shopping for clothes. Chuck and Larry is typical Sandler fare, partly based on a clever long-in-the-can script by the team of Taylor and Payne that was reworked for Sandler. Example: Rob Schneider as an Asian minister and David Spade in drag. The film was rated R but was re-rated PG-13, which merely portends dual DVD versions. There are a few chuckles here but the groaners outweigh them. Lest you consider the film offensive in nature consider that gay icon Richard Chamberlain (the original Jason Bourne), absent from the big screen for nearly a decade, plays a crucial role in the third act.

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