Friday, July 13, 2007

Sidebar Reviews

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Leon casino,

By Him and Shelby

Generic Tribe
The Dressmaker, The Drone, and the Yellow

This 26 track album makes 7 for the Generic Tribe. The band is known for genre-bouncing and does so with utter fluidity on the album. Vocalist Mojo Jamima-hand finds a perfect balance of grit and beauty on the Lennon-sounding ‘Strange Look’. His carefully panned guitar faintly resembles a cello on the track without sounding ‘plug-in-esque’. . G-Tribe is also masterful at any exercise in hip-hop. Bassist Tyler finds bright spots and slick rhymes on Keys to the Kingdom. All the damn way around, this is an album to leave in on your digital music player of choice a month at a time and keep discovering.


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