Monday, October 22, 2024

30 Days of Night

Maybe Josh Harnett was attracted to this film due to the title, similar to 40 Days and 40 Nights. Only 30 Days of Night is a vampire film where the vampires have an odd cosmology that seems to suggest they are ready to conquer the world while at the same time keeping their precence a secret.
The denizens of Barrown Alaska are about to experiece their annual month of darkness. Demons led by Danny Huston have them marked for food. The action gets frantic in that 28 Days, dropped frames kind of jerky motion way. Harnett has little star wattage in this kind of vehilce, and I could write the whole thing off excpet that about 20 minutes into 30 Days of Night Ben Foster shows up and acts up a storm playing a kind of Renfield character.
At that point the film was sort of interesting, not in a Dracula way but like a horror movie with creepy humor. That lasts about 2 reels and then the film dissolves into retrograde monster hijinks.


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