Wednesday, October 17, 2024

Brutal Legend Trailer: Tim Schafer awesomates awesomeness with Jack Black voicing lead

By Tyler Barber

No, you probably didn't play the critically acclaimed Psychonaughts, but something tells me that casting Jack Black as the game's protagonist ensures that many of you will play Schafer's latest, Brutal Legend.

The trailer is all CG, but from what I can tell, they're hitting all the sweet spots: babes, copious blood, demons, hell, machine-gun-toting hot-rods, axes that chop and axes that shred. Top that with a rich-glaze-over-the-top hair-metal and you've got a cult classic.

So watch the trailer, provided by the good folks at, (check 'em out, tons of exclusive vids) and let us know what you think.



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